§ advance reservati?ns due t? the scale and

§  Changing Trends in Average Number ?f Empl?yees per H?tel:
The average number ?f empl?yees per h?tel has increased marginally fr?m 95.1 in
2012-13 t? 95.8 in 2013-14. H?wever, it is interesting t? n?te that the increase
has been at the managerial and supervis?ry level. in fact, acc?rding t? Survey
results, the increase in the number ?f empl?yees at the supervis?ry and managerial
levels has been gr?wing at a CAGR ?f 4.7% ?ver the past five years, whereas the
number ?f staff level empl?yees per h?tel has increased at ?nly 1.7%


§  Decline in Net inc?me: With declining ARRs and increasing
departmental and ?perating expenses, the Net inc?me ?f h?tels has been declining
at a CAGR ?f 6.5% f?r the past five years (2007-08 t? 2012-13). Alth?ugh the
Net inc?me has declined by 2.3% in 2013-14 as well, the decline has been much sl?wer
?wing t? an increase in ARRs and ?perati?nal efficiency ?f the h?tels in the ?ne
t? Three-Star categ?ries efficiently managing these res?urces thr?ugh
departmental practices

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§  Increasing Use ?f Techn?l?gy and ?nline Reservati?n
Systems: The use ?f techn?l?gy and increasing dependence ?n ?nline reservati?n
systems is a fast emerging trend am?ngst h?tels acr?ss the c?untry. H?tels are
f?cusing m?re ?n ?nline travel agents and third-party websites f?r advance
reservati?ns due t? the scale and reach ?f these channels. The use ?f pr?perty
level techn?l?gy such as intranet and L?cal Area Netw?rk (LAN), Yield
Management Systems, Pr?perty Management Systems, and Electr?nic Keycards is als?
increasing acr?ss h?tel segments



§  Decreasing Cash Sales: The use ?f cash as a payment
meth?d has been declining f?r the past few years. in 2013-14, the percentage ?f
guests using cash as a payment meth?d was 36.1% as c?mpared t? 43.2% in
2009-10. This trend is in line with the c?untrywide trend ?f cash-free transacti?ns
and increased usage ?f credit cards and electr?nic fund transfer, which have
bec?me a n?rm acr?ss industries such as retail.