· appropriate intervention along with policy formulation

·         Government should provide a better education facilitates, enhance women safety, Vocational training and skill development programme for Female that would help in raising the potential of women.

·         There is a need to provide a secondary and higher education that would ensure female workers to find high-quality regular employment and increase their living standards.

·         Union labours of Women should be organized to protect them from exploitation.

·         Better road ways facility between Villages and nearby town will enhance female labour participation.

·         There is a need to introduce a various employment scheme that would be helpful to increase a female work participation in the district.

·         Government appropriate intervention along with policy formulation for addressing the differentials wages in the district.

·         Government should provide a better loan facility to the female workers that would be helpful to start up a new business and buy a modern agricultural inputs.

·         Government should pass a strict law against the discrimination of women in work place.

·         There is needed to given a additional benefits to the female workers in work place such as easy additional leave facility and handsome bonus.

·          There is a need to develop an industries in the area it will be helpful to raise the female work participation rate.

·         There is need to give a freedom to female to actively participate in work, easily acess to higher education, to choose husband, free expression of their views and easily move.

·         Various types of programme should be started to increase the awareness among the women about new technologies at block level in the district.



A female worker contributes significantly to raise their income level and living standards. The above discussion clearly reveals that the female work participation rates in Uttar Dinajpur District and its blocks is very low and varies widely among the blocks. Most of the Women in the district worked in Agricultural activity where income opportunities are very low. Large size of the family, illiteracy, economic growth, sex ratio, education, health and social norms are the factors that determine the female work participation rate in the district.  If the State govt. provides a better education, employment opportunities, easy access to resource, ensure safe work place, communication facility and loan facility to the female that would be helpful to increase the work participation of female in the district.