· value or future value. Some of these

This briefing note is based on what is
stakeholder driven strategy is and how triangle plc can implement the this. It
is also about why the six capitals of integrated thinking would be considered
useful by stakeholders.


Stakeholder driven strategy looks
at how the company can benefit all their stakeholders internally and externally.
When the six capitals of integrated reported are implemented it can create value
for Triangle plc and improve the relationship between the company and different
stakeholders. The six capitals consist of :

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capital is the way in which the business generates its capital from
different resources this could be at present value or future value. Some
of these activities are operating activities, financial activities and
investing activities. This is considered useful for mainly the
shareholders of the company and potential investors as they would like to
know the potential gains they are likely to receive and if there is
increase in shareholder wealth and increase in market capitalisation.Manufacture
capital is the physical objects that support the production internally
and externally. Some of the internal aspects are property and equipment
used by triangle plc. The property would need to be in the right working
conditions were the safety of employees come first. One of the main
external aspects would the infrastructure of transport this would affect
the suppliers and distributors on the ways they are able to transport to
the business this will improve supply chain integration, improve
productivity and effectiveness.Intellectual
capital is the intangible asset of the business such as brand equity, trademarks
and patents. This is another way in which the business could add value to
its reputation. This can increase the market capitalisation and competitive
capital is the value of its employees and the role they play for the
success of the business as they come across as their most expensive asset.
The company would need to have a good relationship with their employees in
order for them to implement the business strategy and carry out the goals
set by the directors. This could lead to potential increase in business
reputation from the co-operation of the stakeholders of the company.Social
and relationship capital is important for the business to have a good relationship
with all the stakeholders as they all play a position on the overall
success of the business. This could lead to the market strength and maximisation.
Social media has increased significantly over the years and are apart of
the businesses intangible assets as it is a brand equity. With the use of
social media, it is a good way to get to the customers and audience as it
could promote the deals. Natural
capital refers to natural environment and how the economical ethics
are. If it comes across as good the pressure groups may support the
business, it will also promote the business positively towards the public
with chances of market growth.