· the taste is fresher. This act

·      Threat of newentrants: Low to Moderate. The threat of newcomers for Starbucks inIceland is moderate. The saturation’s status in the field is comparatively high.The starting investment to establish a coffee brand is not genuinely high, thesame case could be applied for the barriers. Newcomers in Iceland can challengebrands like Starbucks at a local level.

Although, it is undoubtly difficult forsmall businesses to compete against famous brand like Starbucks; therefore, theirchance of being successful stays low to moderate. Still, it gets lessened to anabundant extent by several elements such as market share, brand loyalty andbrand image. It is worth mentioning that Starbucks has an advantage with itsown network of suppliers and high quality materials. With all aspectsconsidered such as corporation’s size and potential to purchase, it is no doubtthat Starbucks has access to better quality coffee and an enormous amount ofsuppliers worldwide. All these elements act to moderate the amount of threatcaused by the newcomers. Nevertheless,Starbucks does not neglect the possibility of competition and has takenadaptation into action. For example, the firm had renovated its coffee line toprovide small-scale, cheaper cups while utilizing new machines that create onecup of coffee individually so that the taste is fresher.

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This act can be viewedas another way Starbucks is revamping in order to preserve its tremendousmarket share, and restrain others from considering compete.