?Diagnostic In-Class on The Other Wes Moore Essay

Diagnostic In-Class Essay on The Other Wes Moore

This year’s common reading, The Other Wes Moore, was carefully chosen from many possible texts by a committee of SMU faculty, administrators, staff, and students. Why do you think SMU chose this book as this year’s common reading for all new students? What makes it a good introduction to university study? What do you imagine they were hoping you might learn? Use details from the text to support your opinion.

You should print this assignment sheet before coming to class. You may write a thesis statement with an outline on the BACK of this sheet. You will need to use textual evidence to support your claims, so you might also write down 2-3 quotes from the essay on the back of this sheet. You will turn in this sheet (with your outline and quotes on the back) at the end of class. DO NOT WRITE THE ESSAY IN ADVANCE. You will not receive credit for completing the assignment if you come to class with a prewritten essay.

A good diagnostic essay contains a concise (2-3 sentence) introduction with a thesis that expresses the argument you will prove with the rest of the essay. You should have at least two fully developed body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and specific textual evidence that helps to prove your thesis. You should have a concise concluding paragraph that expresses a final insight on the book and your thesis about it. Avoid too much plot summary; assume your audience has read the book. Only provide plot/character details where necessary to illustrate your argument.

If you don’t know how to spell a word, I would suggest using a different one.

Good luck!