?EYMP 4 Promote learning Essay

EYMP 4 Promote learning and development in the early years Use different sources to plan work for an individual child or group of children. When planning lessons or group activities, I take the aim into consideration and base everything around that. For example if I were to deliver a lesson on numbers up to ten for a group of children who could confidently count up to 8 then I would firstly look at what resources I could use to educate them on their numbers up to ten. I would then ask my colleagues what activities/resources they found that best helped in similar situations. For children to learn it is important that they are enjoying any activities in place it opens up their minds and they are keen to learn new things.

I would then plan where I would take the lesson; I find the more active a lesson is the more the children relish it. Because of the age the children are full of energy and it’s good to use it in a positive and safe way. So as long as the weather permits, I would plan the activity on the playground, if not then the hall. I would use bright resources, as there’s more of a chance of the children remembering them. It is important to choose the right resources that will teach the children exactly what you need. Taking into account that the children need help learning their numbers from 8-10 that is what ill be doing. My activity will be based on that the children can count from 0-8 without a problem, its getting up to 10 then they are struggling with.