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Competition is a very serious process, thanks to which
the hotel business has very high requirements for the quality of services
provided to the service and the class of the hotel. Now even insignificant at
first glance factors, for example, in which style the number is trimmed and
what modern technical content it has, can become decisive for customers. But
there are also more objective parameters, to which unequivocally pay attention
when choosing the majority of guests. About them and will be discussed.
Understanding what customers expect to receive in order to anticipate their
intentions and characteristics is very important for success in the hotel
business. Based on these data, Niininen et al. (2006) consider a new trend in
marketing – customer-oriented marketing – which will help in the further
successful relationship with customers. It is important for representatives of
the management structure of hotels and hotels to have an idea of ??the
characteristics and characteristics of each of their clients, which will enable
them to understand the values, motivations and interests that form the opinion
of the guests (Niininen et al., 2006). Questions: how and why guests choose a
particular hotel, what are guided by their choice – these are some of them,
which are an important aspect in planning and managing a high-class hotel
business, as well as its psychological side. In general, it is possible to note
4 criteria, which are the main ones.

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According to them, travelers appreciate the
“suitability” of the hotel in this or that case:

* location – it is important for someone that the hotel is in the center
of the city. Someone prefers silence, it’s important for some people to see the
sea (mountains / river / lake) from the windows, and some are principally
stepping towards a certain object, but in any If you have a problem with the
location of the hotel, you need to think carefully beforehand. To the general
knowledge, Rivers et al. (1991) showed that the location of the hotel is an
important factor that strongly influences the decision to choose a hotel for

* the price – this is the parameter, as a rule, pay attention in the
first place, although there are exceptions. The cost of living is connected
both with the category of the hotel, and with its location and variety of

* food – directly related to the price. Some tourists initially consider
only those apartments in which they offer at least breakfast BB (Bed & breakfast), but despite this the majority counts on food HB (Half board), FB (Full board) or AI (All inclusive), UAl (Ultra All inclusive).

* additional service – the presence of telephone, internet, pool, gym,
sauna or sauna, and other services that make life easier for visitors. This
factor is also important during the work or leisure of customers and requires
constant attention and following new trends to meet the needs of the guests.

An addition can serve as a fact of the studies of Clow et al. (1994),
which showed that security and personal interaction are important attributes
that affect the choice of tourists in hotels. On the other hand, branding becomes
more important for the consumer in making a decision about choosing a hotel. By
the way, Lamey et al. (2007), their research showed that the corporate hotel in
our time increasingly has a significant impact on customer decisions, as well
as marketing activities in promotional offers. It is worth noting that everyone
understands these parameters in his own way. For example, someone needs the
most simple boarding house, so that there is where to spend the night, because
there is at least a minimum of money. In this case, even a personal shower in
the room, and not on the floor, will become a luxury. And it’s important for
someone that you can check e-mail and get breakfast in bed, and a steamer is
needed to make the costumes look like new ones – all this will be included in
the package called “the most essential for a full life”, and it will
not be to be perceived as excess. Some hotels also provide for a certain
specialization. Some are designed for rest with the whole family, so they are
always ready to provide visitors with a highchair or babysitting services, and
a children’s playground is on the territory. There are hotels, primarily
designed for business people. Organizing the work of the hotel is necessary to
pay attention to the contingent of consumers of the hotel.

The main issue that is considered in this study is the
formation of segments based on the features of choice of hotels by consumers.
This report is based on the characteristics of guest behavior, namely by
dividing them into segments with similar characteristics based on
socio-demographic variables and factors when choosing a hotel.


Aims and objectives ?h? ??m ?f th?s report is to distribute guests to
different segments, based on various factors that are decisive in making a
decision about choosing a hotel, as well as socio-demographic data.

The objectives of the study are:

– definition of social and demographic characteristics
of hotel guests,

– identify the reasons for choosing a hotel,

– the division of guests by segment based on the reasons
for choosing a hotel,

– statistical verification of data.

The main question of the research is that it is
possible to form segments based on the reasons for choosing hotels and
socio-demographic elements. In accordance with the goals, objectives and
research questions, the following hypothesis can be formed: hotel guests can be
divided into different segments with similar characteristics, based on factors
of hotel choice and socio-demographic variables. To test the hypothesis, a
quantitative study was conducted using the survey method.