1.1-Aspects and supervisors.- The people outside of the

1.1-Aspects of employment covered by Law – An signed employment contract- training- Training- dismissal- Your total working hours- entitled Holidays- Statutory sick pay- Criminal records DBS/CRB checks1.2-List the main features of current employment legislation- Health & Safety legislation- Employment rights and responsibilities – Equality and diversity1.3- Outline why legislation relating to employment exists Legislations relating to employment exists in order to protect employees and employers, to provide rights and restrictions on employees and employers through a contract. It safeguards both the employee and employer 1.4- Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights- Documentation including; a contract of employment, the employee handbook, policies and procedures. – the people inside the nursery such as: The manager, deputy managers and supervisors.- The people outside of the nursery such us; citizens advice, trade unions, community legal advice2.3- Describe the procedures to follow in the event of a grievance.If their is a grievance, the procedure would be to speak to my manager if I thought it could be dealt with informally as of far to face, or I would write a formal letter of grievance to the manager, If I am unsatisfied with the outcome I would then tell the manager I wasn’t with the outcome and how it was dealt and that I wish to take the matter further and I would then submit a formal written appeal.2.5-Explain agreed ways of working with employer • Data Protection this is a use of methods such as locking away records whether on a computer or in a filing cabinet to make sure the files are correct and accessible • Grievance Procedure this is a way for all the employee’s to talk about any unsatisfactory reasons that relates to work. • Equality and Diversity is to promote equal opportunities for every child and ensures that they have a chance to achieve their full potential with no discrimination. • Health and Safety is a policy that is put into place to keep everybody in the workplace safe and secure.3.1- Explain how own role fits within the delivery of the service provided-Communicating properly with the parents and carers of the children that we come into contact with and any other colleagues and my employer. We need to make sure that all Information about any children or adults should be accessible and easy for us to exchange in a confidential and responsible way.-Ensure that the services we provide are in the most effective way and consistent with the best interest of the parents and carers aswell as the children. 3.2- Explain the Effect of Own Role on Service ProvisionSent from my iPhone