1.2 allows schools to monitor what they

1.2  Opinion from Non-Debaters

          In my opinion as a listener to debaters, I agree with the fact that teachers should not be allowed to interact with the student via social media which is from proposition view. This is because it does not lead to good things. It brings a lot of bad things to the students. Students need to send official e-mails. They have business relationships with their teachers. Social networking with teachers is likely to lead to an inappropriate relationship with a student and teacher. Communication through this social media can be beyond the limits of teacher and student relationships. As a teacher, professionalism should be threatened well.

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          Through this social media communication, it is also against the school policy. My opinion is the only site that students and teachers should interact is the school area only. There are too many conflicts between teachers and students that can cause problems and things that are beyond our expectation. It needs to be discontinued between teacher and student communication through this unofficial website.

          Teachers need their own personal lives and take care of their own business and not be around the student all times. Also, sometimes through social media texts between teachers and students will result in the transmission of nasty texts and pictures that are not related to learning. Students should not know everything about their teachers’ personal life. The only suitable method used to communicate with students is the school email or predetermined website, which allows schools to monitor what they send behind and so on.

          Teachers can give unfair information about test or homework assignments through social media. In addition to this mistake, students who are unable to access the internet or who do not have a phone cannot receive any information from the teacher through online apps. Other than that, if teachers sent a deadline for a new project through online and that student could not see, they will fail in the assessment. This is the reason why I believe that teachers and students cannot chat verbally in social media.  

          Social media has interrupted students writing skills. Students no longer know how to write long essays as they are not read novels and storybooks that can educate their writing. The internet is full of short stories and writes with many abbreviations and students that read all of this will not have the actual skills that required to write. In addition, due to the nature of the message that was written by students, they have planted the habit of writing with a brief word, incomplete sentences, and this has affected the grammar skills, punctuation, communication and writing skills. This action affects most of them in class and during exams and tests. Abbreviations and incomplete sentences lead to failure. For example ‘cs / cz / bcos’ is not ‘because’. Some students even forget how to spell correctly because of the usage of the abbreviated word in everyday life.

          Additionally, students are no longer pay attention to details and research because they know they can always check on what they need by online. By doing this, the use of libraries and research institutions has been reduced. Retentive memory is no longer used. They know the necessary information can be browsed easily. If they are asked any questions, they will bring the phone out to find the answers on the website. Students are exposed to immorally values (read articles about vices on social sites) and dirty websites such as pornography. Students like to practice what they see, they tend to practice what they see and read on the internet. They are involved in all of these things by affecting their education. 

          The more students spend time on social networking sites, the less time they spend on their own. This will cause lack of body signals and other nonverbal signals, such as tone, inflection, and face-to-face communication. Students who spend a lot of time in social networking do not communicate effectively with people. Students will have a hard time to communicate face-to-face with people and lose their skills, as they spend more time talking from the back of the screen. 


1.3      Conclusion

          If viewed from the whole aspects, it is found that there are many negative aspects opposed to positively that obtained by students and teachers. As a teacher, they need to be careful about the use of this social media in order not to violate the ethics as a teacher. For students, they should be wise in dividing time between lessons and surfing the internet. They should also be reminded that not breaking the limit as a student. They need to know the limits of interaction between teachers and students.