1.4 1.93/100gm (about research). Okra is rich

1.4 Protein

nitrogenous substance of a plant consists of complex structure with amino acids
and peptide bonds. It contains the elements carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen,
oxygen and some other like (iron, phosphorus), also acting as enzyme, serving
as hormones and support immune system.

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Amino Acids

acids are the building blocks of protein; they are organic compounds containing
carboxyl and amine groups and a specific side chain (R group). Carbon, oxygen
and hydrogen are the basic elements of amino acids

Protein and Amino Acids in Okra
Okra contains protein about
1.93/100gm (about research). Okra is rich in following amino acids







Glutamic acid

Aspartic acid

Impact of Amino Acids in Human Body

protein is taken, human body use it in repairing and building of tissues,
mainly use to regulate hormones and enzymes activity and also plays an
important role in the maintenance of bones, cartilages, muscles blood and skin.
Following amino acids are present in okra which helps to maintain human health.

are biosynthesized by threonine, it consists of carboxyl and amino group and
side chain of hydroxyl group which makes it polar and uncharged amino acid.

are essential amino acid which regulates normal protein balance in the body and
help to promote normal growth, it plays an important role in the formation of
serine and glycine. It imparts in the formation of strong and elastic muscles, strengthen
bones and build tooth enamel, also help in recovering injuries and wounds.

also regulates fat and fatty acid digestion, it combines with methione and
aspartic acid to perform lipotropic function of liver, if one could have
insufficient threonine in body so in result liver failure occur due to fat
deposition and antibodies are also produced by threonine which leads to treat diseases
like depression.