1. criticize yourself for? What negative things

1.      Where does the stress come from–the environment, your body, or your thoughts and   expectations? The stress comes from my thoughts and expectations. Attempting to live up to the expectations and plans of others left me overwhelmed and therefore contributed to the to me constantly thinking about the situation. Example, my mother once asked me to purchase a gas stove for her since the one she had for many years was giving some troubles. I really could not afford to purchase it cash for her so instead I took it on hire purchase because I could not bear telling her I couldn’t.  2.      What aspects of this stress can you control? I can control the thoughts by consulting the source of my financial stress and spend some of my time working towards changing it.

 I have come to the realization that I am responsible for my own thoughts, actions, feelings, and decisions as well as the consequences. So, unless I take responsibility I will not change what can be changed.  The aspects beyond my control is the fact that the situation does exist. I will need to accept that I cannot control the situation because it already exists and learn to be flexible in my thinking. Think more about the positive things that have happened.  3.      What are some of your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that relate to this stress?I believe stress affects my behavior.

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If I am financially stressed, then automatically my behavior will lean more to the negative side while if I am not stressed I will have a more positive attitude. I believe that thoughts greatly influence feelings as well. Most of us are not mindful that our thoughts play a vital part in influencing how we feel.

It is very important because we cannot always be able to influence what happen to us, but we can choose how we deal with it.    (What do you criticize yourself for?  What negative things do you assume about yourself with stress when it comes to             yourself? etc.) I criticize myself for not being disciplined enough to put my needs before my wants       4.      Write down some new things that you might assume about yourself and the situation that are more positive.  What might you say to yourself next time? I am more resilient than I thought I was: being exposed to a financial stressful situation gives me the chance to develop both a physical and psychological sense of control. Therefore, I will be able to deal with other situations in the future if needs be.

       5.      When it does occur, what are you going to do to cope with it? Once I recognize what the effects of this stressful situation is and understands the damage and discomfort it can cause, then I will do my best to avoid a similar reoccurrence. I will take some time for relaxation as well talk to others who might have been in similar situations, they may be able to give good advice that can help.

  8. What are some things you’re willing to do to take better care of yourself and prevent stress in the next few weeks?  Try to pay down debt: Once I can afford to pay more towards my debt then I will do so. Try to refrain from thinking negatively: If my mind is filled with negative thoughts, then that will cause more stress. I will make a conscious effort to think about the things I can do to change it rather thinking negatively. I will look at all the positive things that are happening in my life. Doing physical activities help relieves stress therefore, I will begin to exercise more often and make sure I do activities that I enjoy.