1- trust in the democracy. In addition,

1-    Describe the power relations you see in the movie? (Approximately 100 words/answer).

There were multiple power relations in the movie Children of Men by Alfonso Cuaron. We can see that terrorist group which was created by Julianne Moore. This terrorist group was controlled by the several people and was created to help people, but the aim of the terrorist group was turned to steal the baby in a small period of time. Also, we can see that the government which controlled all the anarchic and refugees which came from all over the world. However, the main power relation in this movie was that new born baby which can change the world in that movie. This baby was connected to the all the groups like government, terrorist groups, domestic people from all over the world.

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2-    What can you tell about the democratic nature of the government?

I can tell that there was no democracy in the government in this movie. Also, we can see that in that rare position of fertility, the government can steal the baby and sell to the rich families. So there was corruption in the big and forced positions like police and politicians of the government. There was no trust in the democracy. In addition, there were no freedom and no safety because the government was collapsed due to anarchic problems. The biggest factor of anarchism is that no control of all people in the country.


3-    What role does religion play in the society depicted in the movie?

In the film Children of Men by Alfonso Cuaron, we can see that the major character in the movie named Theo says that “this problem could be due to Islamic groups”. Also, in the last part of the film we, can see that some Islamic groups are protesting in the refugee camp. However, all the world collapsed because of the anarchic problems due to infertility. The main problem was infertility in this film and some anarchic groups protesting against to the government. We can see that the government was advertising some medication for killing people. However, we can see that the government goes against to all lows of all religions by advertising those types of medication.


4-    Can you make a parallel with political dynamics in the world today?

I can tell that in the world today we have freedom and Constitution. These two factors are the key components to live a life comfortable and without any big problems like huge anarchic groups and Constitution haters. In the world today most of the countries have huge power and 80 percent of the world knows how to control that huge power. However, in that particular film, we can see that they have a huge power but they do not know how to control that power so that why we can see so huge amount of protests and government haters. Nowadays we can see that most of the countries in the world have a great relationship with each other due to great political dimensions of all countries.