1. Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson are both

1. The
Director is givinga group of students a tour of a factory that produces human
beings and
conditions then110r th’eir’predestined
roles in the World State. He names the five castes and explains

               the Bokanovsky Proeess and the Podsna s
Technique.HenryFoster eontinues to explain the                ,'”‘

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               processes of the plant to the boys. After fertilization, the
embryos travel on a conveyor belt in their                (

2(J1 days, the ge station time-period
for a human fetus. On the last day, they are



2. The babies are conditioned to dislike
books and flowers and during their sleep-teaching lessons
they learn to recognize their station in life and grow to aceept it as the best.


3. Fanny and Mond tell us that the
society is corrupted and that it alienated itself. Relationships only
consist of sex and nothing else, numerous partners are promoted as healthy and


4. Bernard
Marx and Helmholtz Watson are both intelligent men (Alpha plus)
who are discontent
with the New World. They both are unhappy to be apart of the society.


5. A
Solidarity Service day is a day, on which lugh-easte members of society take
much Soma so
they are all in a good mood and can have an orgy to honor Henry Ford.


6. The Direetor teIls the story
ab out a Beta Minus woman he brought to the Reservation 25 years
ago. During an exeursion, they ended up in
a storm and she disappeared. The Direetor shows
contrition and says that strong emotions are supposed to be impossible because
of genetic

Also the Director yells at Bernard
because he does not stick to social standards. He threatens to send
Bernard to Iceland if Bernard does begin to eonform his personallife to the
demands of society.


7. She teIls Bernard and Lenina that she
has to drink alcohol and use peyote in place of Soma. She
explains that she used to let all the men
come to her for sex, as civilized people should, but that all
the other women got mad.


8. lohn says that he likes Shakespeare. He
also mentioned the alcohol problem and the sex dilemma

of his mother.


9. lohn
breaks in because he thinks he’s been let down by Bernard. He gets all
crazy by Leninas
perfume and he is fascinated by the zippers on her clothing. He kneels besides
her and murmurs
over her beauty. He quotes two sentences from Shakespeare. He thinks of unzipping
her onesey but

               then chides hirns elf for such an
immodest thought. Then he hears the sound of the
helicopter                J

outside, which means that Bernard is
back, so he escapes.

10. The Director publicly
reproaches Bernard for his social miseonduct and teIls hirn that he must ! ~~~~~)

               go to Ieeland where he will not be able
to influence others.                i ,’.,,~’::’ ~::

Bernard laughs and introduees Linda. Linda
quickly recognizes the Direetor, calls hirn by his name, ‘;~ “,f’.;(“”‘r’.

Tomakin, and rushes up to give
hirn a hug. When he pulls away out of disgust, Linda
angrily .’ (eh. i
screams at hirn for leaving her
on the Reservation while pregnant with lohn. The Direetor becomes

even more mortified when
lohn walks in, falls to his knees, and calls hirn “father,” a word
with embarrassing meaning. All the workers
begin laughing until the Director finally runs out of th

                oom                                                                                                           ,…. ‘(J’~

               r       . :Y’~:,.J.:(. ‘~’.,i,./II,,,,,,,,,..,L, !~,j)’.

                                                                                                                                                                  . ~. ‘ .. ~ ;.,..·v t ‘C;’
.rLJ”V ~ ~1;i<' iL~' r~                11. lohn soon becomes disillusioned with the wonders of the Brave New World. He becomes (01 ( physically siek when he visits a faetory where the workers are hundreds of identical twins, and he is •. ' .1.'~ disgusted as he watches them receive their daily soma ration. 12. Helmholtz and John both share a common intrests, one being in poetry and are both very knowledgeable on the subject. They also do not change their way of thinking to fit in with society, theyare deep thinkers who see the flaws in their own societies. For example John read Shakespear while at the reservation even though he was made fun of and picked on for this, and Helmholtz writes poetry that is sometimes looked at as unacceptable in BNW but just laughs about it standing by what he feels. 13. John falls to his knees and begins quoting Shakespeare to express his adoration. He speaks) ,~~ I{./.-~ about marriage and declares his love for her. She asks why he had not said anything if he had ! II Ir , wanted her all along. However, his talk about lifelong commitments and growing old together :~'._, r, i horrifies her. Lenina presses her body against his and begins to remove her clothes. John becomes furious and terrified. He calls her a whore and slaps her. She locks herself in the bathroom and 1 escapes. 14. John is upset that death is treated as nothing special. The people in the world state have no farnily and therefore do not feel mourning at death. When he goes out of the hospital, he walks into a group of Deltas who should get their Soma rations. John begins to think that Soma is the basis for mental slavery in the world state society so he gets angry/mad and wants to prevent the Deltas from taking their Soma rations. 15. Helmholtz helps John to fight the angry Deltas instead of getting John out of the hospital anteroom. 16. Afterwards, Bernard and Helmholtz are brought to Mustapha Monds study. Mustapha Mond decides to ban them to Iceland. 17. John and Mustapha Mond talk about god and their different opinions on it. Mustapha Mond says that god is not needed in a society where everyone is happy and never alone. But John disagrees because he believes in god. 18. John kills hirnself because he realizes what he has done -> he feels guilty for Lindas death and
recognizes his horror of sexual contact with Lenina. Also he moved to a
lighthouse to be lonely but
the reporters do not want to leave hirn alone so he gets angry and starts to
punish hirnself and
Lenina with a whip. The reporters thought it was part of a sexual play so they
started an “orgy-
porgy” and John was part of it. Because of this escalation and the named
reasons John decides to
kill hirns elf in the next morning.