1) companies. So, she thought that Gilman showed

Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and
social identity theory to explain what went wrong here.


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             The thoughts of an
individual person or a group can represent in their behavior. A person can imagine
in many ways about others rather than the actual reason/perspective. The social
phycologists say that, based on the corporate culture, sterotypes are becoming
negative due to reflected antipathy means voluntary or involuntary hatred for a
person or something. Stereotype will help to understand others but only when
found categorized information. In some cases, it reflects in negative way due
to lack of understanding capability or miscommunications or over imaginations.


             It is a process to
explain intergroup behavior, which refers psychological & social behavior
of two or more people or groups. It depends on a person behavior, attitude and
opinions. The intergroup is better than the out group because it can reduce the
perception of differences between group members and enhance group
distinctiveness for positivity.

As per my knowledge, the
case study about HY Dairies, INC. vice president – Syd Gilman, he wants to encourage
his employee Rochelle Beauport, she is in position of market research
coordinator. In many companies the marketing research coordinator was a
technical support position. “Backroom” job, which is for away moved to bottom
lines of many companies. So, she thought that Gilman showed some gender differences
and the company don’t want a woman to become most important person for sales or
marketing industry. Due to conflict stereotype she misunderstands Gilman’s
offer, also he enounced that offer but didn’t clarify his offer to her. Here
social identity misuses/misused. If he clarifies the position they will be clears
without any miscommunications.





 What other perceptual errors are apparent in
this case study?

Instead of representing
the original information, provide interpretation of sensible information and
identification. Perception follows by gathering information from experience and
provide meaning, intensions and their attributes to give a form to impressions
and finalize to learn Individual, Groups and World.

In this case study,

Ø  Stereotyping
as positive or negative imaginations about a member as group based on
inaccurate assumptions.

Ø  Horn
effect based on few company strategies process she imagined his offer on
negative way.

Ø  Halo
effect Gillman have this error of perception that Rochelle Beauport is good at
marketing sales. So, he wants to offer her marketing research coordinator.

These are the other
perceptual errors that I have been noticed in the HY Dairies, Inc case study. Perception
make signals to nervous system to provide physical or chemical stimulations
these signals are passive and remain in memory and expectations.

What can organizations do to minimize
misperceptions in these types of situations?

The misperception happens
mostly when receiver doesn’t understand the information provided by sender
views in his/her way. It occurs in many situations receiver not having complete
information from provider or/and receiver have negative impression on what
provider information will result negative results.

As the case study clearly
mentioned that Rochelle Beauport misunderstand the Gilman offer. It may cause
negative results because her views say, ‘he doesn’t want her to grow or making
big move in the company’ but Gilman wants to Rochelle Beauport work more
research and result more marketing. This may lead negative impact on the

Companies must provide
clear information about their standards, position and their job roles and
importance in the training


Ø  Provide
two-way communications, this will provide proper information and understanding
capability for both sender and receiver.

Ø  Feedback

Ø  If
language issue is present then it’s better to have translator in between to

As part of
retaining the talent management should be loud to announce the achievements of
the staff which would encourage them and motivate non-performers. There was no
token of appreciation in public. A well-known quote says – Appreciate in public
and correct in private.



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