1. relevant. In this case a certain doctor

CARE-Proper health care before and immediately after the pregnancy is provided
not at the surrogate’s expenses but on the expenses of the couple.

COMPENSATION- Being a surrogate she gets the compensation which surpasses the
value of compensation she receives on the account of health care. Financial
compensation received varies from case to case.

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the basis of genetic linkage surrogacy can be classified as Natural Surrogacy
or Gestational surrogacy.  In the former
type of surrogacy, the surrogate is related to the baby genetically, where the
surrogate is inseminated with sperm from the male partners of an infertile
couple. Thus, the child is genetically related to the male partner but not to
the female partner. In latter form of surrogacy, the surrogate mother is not
related to the child genetically, rather the pregnancy is carried on by the egg
and sperm of genetic couple.

On commercial

SURROGACY-  Form of surrogacy where the
surrogate receives no reward in monetary terms for pregnancy. Usually the woman
is paid all the expenses related to the pregnancy by the intended parents
including all the medical facilities, expenses of the delivery of the baby and
the other expenses.

SURROGACY- It is the form of surrogacy in which the surrogate mother is paid by
the intended parents to carry their child in her womb. This form of surrogacy
is legal in various countries and has gained popularity.

After the case of Baby Manji Yamada vs Union of India, the question of
foreign surrogacy became relevant. In this case a certain doctor arranged for
the Japanese couple to have a surrogate baby by some lady. This lady was
impregnated using a mix of male partner’s sperm and an anonymous Indian woman’s
egg. Few months later the couple filed for divorce and whose child the baby
was, it was still in question. Further the petition against the doctor was
filed in the court by accusing him for running a child trafficking racket and
thus abusing the