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An ideal wage structure will provide for systematic procedure for the fixation of just wage rates for different categories and will provide incentives to encourage greater productivity and more regular attendance.

(ii) Security:

The management should consistently follow a personnel policy that will assure perfect security of income and employment to competent workmen. They should be confident that they will be promptly absorbed in an alternative job even if their services are no longer required for their present jobs.

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(iii) Sound promotion policy:

By pursuing a sound promotion policy the management can create a feeling among its employees that the concern is on the look-out for ambitious and talented persons be they young or old in the existing staff for the purpose of promotion to superior position.

This awareness of the opportunities for advancement available in the concern certainly heightens the morale of workers.

(iv) Installation of grievance procedure:

The management can hope to convince the employees of its impartiality and fairness through the establishment of a grievance procedure which can be made use of by an aggrieved party, whosoever he may be.

The grievance procedure should provide for an internal Board of Appeal to attend to employees, complaints against the decisions of the management.

(v) Inspiring credos and mottos for workers:

The management can take a positive step towards boosting the morale by inspiring the workers through credos and mottos that give them a sense of importance. In some concerns, this purpose is achieved by organising exhibitions of products mainly with the object of giving the workers a feeling of importance and pride for having taken part in production of quality articles.

(vi) Keeping the workers well informed:

The management must maintain the channels communication through which information of interest to workers can be passed on to them. Some progressive management provide regular company information courses for this purpose. Bulletins containing the latest news about the working of the concern can also be of great use for this purpose.

(vii) Employee counselling:

The executive’s in-charge of operating units should make it a point to sit together with the workers and exchange ideas with them as well as listen to their complaints and grievances. They should make it a practice to utilise such meetings to make suggestions and give guidance on any practical difficulties faced by the workers at their work.

(viii) Suggestion schemes:

To give the workers a sense of recognition and a feeling of participation in the working of the concern, their suggestions should be invited and they should be suitably rewarded if they prove advantageous.

(ix) Joint consultation:

Joint committees consisting of the representatives of workers as well as employers should be set upto consider and make recommendations about matters which affect workers’ participation in the management of certain affairs of their undertaking.

(x) Delegation of authority:

Delegation of authority to people at different levels in the organ­isation gives the employees a sense of importance, makes them responsible and raises their morale. On the other hand, too much of centralisation of authority cuts at the roots of morale.