10 Thing i hate about you Essay

“10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU” in review and comparison to Shakespeare’s “TAMING OF THE SHREW”. The adaption of the Shakespearian play the Taming of the Shrew, Known as” 10 Things I hate about you”, was an adequate representation. It lacked a true representation due to the fact that the original play began with the prank played on poor tinker Christopher Sly by The Local Lord. Watch this adaption I noticed that it had no references to that aspect of the play. However the modern day version of the play did have a lot of similarly named characters and the story line was basically the same as Shakespeare’s play. Primary Characters in the play are: Bianca the beautiful young maiden, appropriately named the same in the in the film adaption, Katherine who is the sister of Bianca, and labeled as being ill tempered, heinous bitch, her counterpart in the film appropriately named “Katarina” aka “Kat” who personified the original characters temperament .

The father of these to lovely maiden named Baptista Minola, a wealth old man, who declared “that no one may court Bianca until first her older sister, the vicious, ill-tempered Katherine, is married. The same held true for the Stratford sisters whose father also declare “Bianca will not be allowed to date until her older sister Katarina started dating”. Katarina vowed never to date which left Bianca, who already had two suitors, in a state of romantic limbo. The modern film version of Taming of the Shrew is shot in scenic Seattle Washington; all of the landscaping scenes give this film and old English charm. The actual school in which the film was shot, Stadium High School in Tacoma Washington, gave this film the English Castle estate feel, just as if the modern day cast was in 16th or 17th century English country side. The High School location offered a scenic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, obviously shot in the spring and summer months of the otherwise gloomy gray days of the Pacific Northwest region.

Other locations of the film seemed to be strategically use to present the old world English feel to the adaptation. One of my favorites is Gas Works Park in Seattle, this scene is where Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona, actual found that they really like one another as the bombarded each other with paint balls. The scene was set to appear as if the to characters were at an old world English market place, with props of hay and pipe fixtures, to add a modern day touch. Bianca, finally get a date with Joey Donner were they plan to attend a classmates party. After arriving at the party with her gal pal Chastity, Joey Donner approaches Bianca and pulled her away from her friends and other would be suitor/French tutor, only to find out how self-absorbed, self-centered and selfish Joey Donner turned out to be. Bianca quickly grew bored of Joey’s self-praising attitude and found her way to Cameron her pretend to be French tutor. Cameron had fallen for Bianca at first sight he knew that she was the woman that he wanted to be with. Cameron made mention of all the things he had observed about Bianca, and she knew that he really cared for her. 10 Things I Hate About You is the first feature film for director Gil Junger, who previously worked extensively in television, including episodes of Dharma and Greg, Ellen, and Blossom. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi .