In the world, where advanced progress and many of discoveries have been realized by diverse countries and China – the fourth largest country in the world brings its own investment into economic development not only of its own nation but for the whole world as well. The country with fascinating culture and traditions, the country of the great economic rise during the past few years. The spirit and strong motivation of China’s nation to modernize industry, technology, and agriculture helps them to achieve a rapid development of Chinese national economy. China’s population is one of the greatest natural resources itself on the planet; more than 1.3 billion of people are creating a strong superpower of the Chinese economy. Its citizens are doing the investment of education, diligence, and aspiration to create a sustainable economy of the country. In that way, I consider Chinese economical context as the most important emergence of China’s superpower. The fourth-largest territory country possesses the world’s largest economy by doing import and export to all countries in six mainlands. China’s history is marked by thousands of years of world-changing innovations in technology and infrastructure.Together with the economic system, I emphasize that it is a lifelong investment to raise the next a well-educated generation of China. China has achieved immerse economic development which is partly attributed to its population of more than 1.3 billion.I always remember a quote of Nelson Mandela – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. In that mean, Chinese realize and strive to give their children a high level of education. The Chinese government created an “Asian value” system of education that has allowed China to use this educational growth and turn it into economic growth. It should be mentioned that it is the most important as collaborating all spheres of life for economic growth and mainly transform it as a response to educational growth. It shows a great impact on society in China because the growing size and global interdependence of China’s economy are translating into greater Chinese positive impact on the world in the 21st century. But according to “Statista” resources, China has been in a slowdown phase and in the process of moving towards a different model of growth and development. All in all, I would like to conclude that the Chinese leadership and their strong desire to work on the sustainable development of its country help them to prosper. This is a country that has potential and capacity to present beneficial impact and influence to other countries on our planet. In a word, China’s economic superpower is based on preserving ancient Chinese traditions and culture, and at the same time strategic plan to attract foreign investment, a lot of tourists and strengthening the state system.