What does the internet make possible, and how was that done before? The internet is a large, global space of complex interconnected computer networks. It is known everywhere and everyday it connects millions of people throughout the world. We can now, with a touch of a button, access a whole new universe and communicate with different people and cultures, find out anything in less than 10 seconds, make money with advertisements and websites; and we can even order pizza or buy our groceries online.I know it’s hard to believe, but we actually did live before the internet was invented. Email was unheard of, we all wrote letters, phoned each other or even met up somewhere.

When email was invented it led to instant messaging and no-one wrote letters anymore because it simply took too long and it was much easier just to go to your computer and send an instant message, which would get to the person instantly, hence the name. We also went to the library or bought books to research or study.Yes, it would take longer, but as a result we would get truthful information from experienced people unlike what the internet for tales. Unfortunately now, whatever we Google anybody can come from anywhere and write dishonest information therefore tricking us into putting it into our work or important assignments.

Before we ordered pizza online, we actually had to physically go to the outlet, buy it and then wait the 15 minutes required. Remember? Now we order it online and whenever you’re ready, you go to the store and your pizza is waiting right there for you.So if you think that’s everything, you’re wrong. We now also do our banking online as if it were a safer thing to do than actually go to the bank and do it.

Banking online is very dangerous because our money or personal information can be at risk from viruses and hackers, but of course people do it, because it is more convenient. How has the internet changed globalization/ interconnectedness? With the invention of the internet the concept of communication increased tremendously and still has an impact on the way people connect with each other today.If we have a relative on the other side of the world, all we have to do is send them an email and it will get to them just as it’s sent. This is a very fast and effective way of communicating but it also has some bad influences on us and others around us. You see, this form of communication technology is the possibly the fastest and most used source to connect with cultures and people around the globe.

It is the easiest way to research and promote yourself or business.Of course, on the other hand, people have started to become lazier, stressed, and in some rare cases, even very sick from being on the internet. There are violent games on the net that anyone can play, inappropriate songs or videos and illegal download links as well. The internet can be also a very dangerous place if you don’t know how to use it.

Yes, it is the perfect tool to connect with long lost friends or relatives and learn about their cultures, but people have started to take advantage of this freedom on sites like Bebo, Facebook or MySpace.People have resorted to bullying online and even ganging up on people and planning fights. Now, with the increasing power of technology, internet is available on mobile phones as well. People are not sure what the result of this will be but I hope it will be a positive change. Because of this it may be that people will stop going to their computer for their research or to send an instant message, but instead go to their mobile phone where they can send an email, a txt, make a call, or even video call.

Internet is one of the best sources to communicate and research. As technology is expanding, the internet is expanding as a million networks connect to make a giant universe. Though some people may not use it for all the right reasons, it is mostly a very reliable source for everything, and it allows us to do things quickly and easily; conveniently. Just what everyone wants. So, in my opinion the internet is neutral; not horrible, but not a whole lot of good either. The question is: how long will it be until we can actually eat our pizza online?