Electrical electrical injuries is the cardio and nervous

Electrical injuries when
caused injures the fat, muscles, and even bones. Electrical injuries can come
from natural electricity like lightening or from man mad electricity like wiring.

Natural electricity such as lighten most affect the male population. Lightening
is found to be the second leading cause of weather related deaths. Electrical
deaths affect the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, respiratory
system, and the integumentary system. The most affected system that is life
threatening from electrical injuries is the cardio and nervous system. These
systems are most threatening because of how important they are to our body in
order to survive. The nervous system is throughout our entire body which gives
us our feeling. The cardio system is the main important that’s also threatening
because it contains our heart, the blood vessels, etc. The nerves
and blood have the least refusal of the body tissues. When electricity or
lightning come in contact with the body and passes through to the heart, there
is a high advantage of cardiac arrhythmias most know as an irregular heart beat
and direct myocardial infarction known as heart attack. Damage to the skin may
vary depending on how high the voltage of electricity contained. Electrical
injuries capable of causing second- and third-degree burns depends on how high
the voltage is. The article states that it is difficult to tell if there is any
underlying tissue damage resulting from electrical injury, due to electricity
going through the pathways of the along the blood vessels, the nerves, and
muscles. Immediate and proper care is a very important key in survival and for
a successful recovery. I had no idea that electrical injuries can cause so much
damage to the different areas of our body. The main functions are more prone to
damage than the outside layers of our body. Electrical injuries can cause
death, and some survive if the injuries are properly cared for. 

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