Black panther party was originally made for self-defense, it
was established in 1966 in Oakland, California. Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
were the creators of this party. The first thing the Panthers were known for is
patrolling African American neighborhoods to protect African Americans from
police brutality acts. In the late 1960s the Panther party surpassed 2,000
memberships and the they began to expand all over American cities. In May of
1967 the Panther party marched armed with weapons into California state legislature
in Sacramento, this is when they hit the national limelight. In todays time the
Black Panther Party has shifted into the black lives matter movement as we
still see cop brutality.

2.Ebonics is known as an African American language. The word
was established 1973 by a group of African American researchers. The term was
created because the researchers didn’t agree with the negative connotation of relations
like Nonstandard Negro English. The word Ebonics came to the light in 1996 when
the Oakland school board documented it as a primary language. The term was
being taught to Africa American students. The language of Ebonics still exists
today it’s just not as much of a separation between the language we speak today
and the term itself.

3.Harlem Renaissance was a Black Cultural development that
was developed in Harlem New York in the 20th century. During this time,
the Harlem Renaissance was considered the golden age in the African American culture.
Music, stage performance and art, is what made the Harlem Renaissance so significant.
In today’s time the Harlem Renaissance grew to be the reason music became so
powerful in today’s time. The cultural grew bigger around the world than just
in Harlem.

4.Nihilism is a belief that all standards are baseless, and nothing
can be communicated. A nihilism would believe in nothing, no gods or loyalty,
no purpose to even be on earth. Nihilisms believe that god doesn’t exist. Friedrich
Nietzsche is a philosopher who argued that nihilism beliefs would eventually destroy
all morals. In todays time Nihilism would be similar to being a atheist, which
means neither of them believe in god at all. and response are when two distinct phrases played by
different musicians, the second phrase is heard as a direct response to the
first. Call and response is a way of communicating.  Call and response is inherently related to historical
African American roots, which then became a African American tradition. The call
and response in todays time usually happen in church or at civic affairs and at
musical expressions. Call and response was developed on the slave plantations
by men and women which became very popular. In todays time call and response is
a popular thing in the African American culture as well in the music industry.

6.Double Consciousness is a word created by W.E.B. Du Bois
to define an induvial whose identity is divided into several sides. double Consciousness
is looking at one’s self through the eyes of a racist white society, and measuring
oneself by the means of a nation that looked back in contempt. Double consciousness
was saw during racism times. Bois claimed that the reason racism behavior towards
blacks were influenced is by what the other people think and is inaccurate
through others’ negative image of their race.

7.Civil rights movement was characterized by Dr. Martin
Luther king Jr. The Civil Rights Movement took place during the 1950s and 1960s.
African Americans wanted equal rights which is why the civil rights movement became
so powerful. The civil rights movement eliminated slavery, During the time
period people like Dr. King and Rosa Parks wasn’t tolerating any racism which
led African Americans to stand behind them which they did. The reason the Civil
Rights movement made a stand is because African American had enough of violence
and prejudice against them. African Americans wanted to be treated fairly. In today’s
time the civil rights movement doesn’t exist because in some ways Racism isn’t as
powerful as it was back then.  

8.Soul Food is food that’s traditionally organized by African
Americans of the southern united states. This style of cooking was developed and
created during American slavery. Back then the slave masters would give the
slaves food they didn’t want which turned out be left overs and the slaves
would put its on twist to it. In todays time soul food still exist, the soul
food term has grown to be more popular than ever in this generation.

9. one drop rule is when you have one drop of black blood makes
you black. This concept was established in the 19th century but
became a law in the 20th century. To be considered black in the united
states all you need is one drop of black blood. The one drop rule applies to every
other race to. The one drop rule is a social principle of racial organization.

10. Black power movement was a movement that developed in
the 1960s and 1970s. it was a social movement that believed in racial pride and
self sufficiency as well as equality for all African Americans. The black power
movement wanted peace. The movement became violent and people in the movement started
to go to jail.  The sign for the black
power movement is a fist in the air. The two people who influenced the black
power movement the most were Dr. King and Malcolm X . This movement became very
powerful during this time period.