George and Lennie have a

Is Murder Always Bad? In the book, Of Mice And Men, George and Lennie have a dream. They dream of buying a farm and living off the fatta the lan. All of these plans were crushed when Lennie got shot in the back of the head. Who was the killer? The killer was George, and in Georges defense, he was justified in killing him. For one, Curley was going to kill Lennie. Curley was going to make him suffer and if Curley had killed him then Lennie would have died in pain and agony. So Lennie was going to be killed anyways.

 For two, if the law got a hold of Lennie, and Lennie would have been strapped down and thrown in a cell to rot. Lennie would not be able to stand living in a cell for the rest of his life. For three, dying fast and painless is better than him dying slow and painful.

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So George was going to shoot Lennie once and in the back of the head, rather than getting shot in the guts, bleeding out, and being beat all at the same time. Lennie had killed Curley’s wife on accident so Curley was mad about that. Also Curley did not like Lennie when he got the better of Curley in the fight by breaking his hand, that was another reason to not like him. Now Curley had a reason to kill him. So Lennie had to run and hide in the brush and wait for George. Once Curley found out that Lennie had killed his wife Curley was enraged. “I’m gonna shoot the guts out that big bastard myself, even if I only have one hand. Im gonna get im”(98).

That is what Curley said when the posse of men set out to search for Lennie. Curley wanted blood and revenge. Curley wanted Lennie to feel pain and agony, so George decided it would be better if he just killed Lennie quick and painlessly first. What would have happened if the law had gotten Lennie.

Slim told George, “An’ s’pose they lock him up an’ strap him down and put him in a cage” (98). Spending your life in a cell is no way to live, especially for someone who has the imagination of Lennie. Lennie loves the outdoors and creatures, and stuff to play with. In a cage Lennie would not have any of that and he would die of boredom. To Lennie, living in a cage with nothing would be equal to being sentenced to a lifetime in hell.

So George did the right thing letting Lennie die in the open air and in the wilderness, as opposed to dying in an enclosed cell, lonely, sad, and miserable. Slime tells George, “you hadda George, I swear ya hadda.”(107).  Lennie was going to die anyways. He had killed someone and someone was out to kill Lennie, but the person out for him was going to make him die slowly and painfully. Curley wanted him to feel pain and agony. Lennie was going to take his time in killing Lennie. So George killed Lennie before Curley could find him.

In the book, George had told Lennie to go to the river where they stayed in case of any trouble. So when Curley’s wife was dead, George told the posse that Lennie had headed North instead of South. So with everyone headed North, George headed South to go find Lennie at the river. Killing Lennie could have also been a bad thing.

Killing Lennie made their dream of owning a farm impossible. People can get help with there issues and Lennie was a really hard worker. In a sense George was playing god, and it was bad for him to play god. George should not have decided the future of another human being.

It was possible that Lennie could have escaped and lived. Earlier on in the book Lennie said that he would go off and live in the hills and never have to worry about seeing anyone. If George would have let Lennie do that then Lennie would not have had to die and if George would have had Lennie do that earlier then no one would have died. George, Candy, Slim, or Carlson could have saved Lennie.

Also, Lennie was the only one that was really always there for George. Lennie lost the only one that was actually there to help him. Lennie was the only one who understood George and George ended all of that with the push of a trigger.

In the book George and Lennie had a dream, and the dream was accomplishable. Throughout the book they added one more person to the dream. Candy was added to the dream to help pay for the farm. So not only was getting away from the farm and owning a farm crushed for George and Lennie, but it was also crushed for Candy. But killing Lennie was a good thing, because no more trouble would be caused. No more deaths, “rapes”, animals dying, or just pure mischief. In conclusion, killing Lennie was overall helpful for Lennie and the rest of Society.

It was helpful for Lennie because he constantly had to be helped and watched, and society was judging towards him. Since society judged people like Lennie badly, he wouldve been judged badly as a person.