1922: small company.John Baird’s begins his first

1922: British Broadcasting Company is formed,It was formed on October 18th., as a small company.John Baird’s begins his first of manydemonstrations of televisions, starting in1926 in his laboratory.2341955 – The BBC purchase EalingStudios, in West London.

ITV is founded and becomesthe second mass channel.193019351940 19451955 195019601965May 1937 – Coronation ofKing George VI is broadcastedby the BBC.BBC Televisionis shut down asWorld War 2 beginson September1st 1939.Broadcasting for BBC is set-up in Alexandra Palace.

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During this period, all broadcasting wasclosed during war-time.1947:LondonOlympics isbeing broadcastedandtelevisedto nearly80.000 people.February 1952: King George VI’s passing andfuneral televised.June 1953: Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

November 1953: First episode of Panorama, along running show about stories and topics.1956 – First Eurovision Song Contest televised inLugano, Switzerland, with Lys Assia as the firstever winner of Eurovision.October 1957 – Blue Peter started being broadcasted.It is the longest children show in Britain.

Christmas Day 1957 – Queen Elizabeth’s firstChristmas message.1959 – Firsttelevised Britishelection.Coronation Street, one of ITV’s most famous soapoperas, begins being televised, and it is the longestrunning soap opera.BBC Two is created,making it the thirdprogramme besidesBBC One and ITV in1964.157891970 19651975 19801985Doctor Who, oneof the most famousScience Fictionshow in the world,starts with WilliamHartnell asthe First Doctor inNovember 1963.Top of the Pops,UK’s most famousmusic showcasingshow, beginson January 1st of1964.

Winston Churchill’s funeralcovered by ITV.1966 – England’s World Cupwin as hosts broadcasted to32 million people, televised atWembley Stadium.July 1969 – Apollo’s moon landing televised bythe BBC and ITV, with “600 million” watching.September 1969 – BBC moves from AlexandraPalace to Wood Lane near White City.

November 1969 – BBC and ITV broadcast incolour and then everywhere by 1970 1967 – Wimbledon isbroadcasted in colour onBBC 2.BBC launches the Ceefax in 1974,in which is a teletext service, whichpresents news, sports, and manymore.VHS becomes available in theUK, after rising popularity in theUnited States in 1978.First Childrenin Need charityshow for theBBC in November1980.

November 1982Channel 4, oneof Britain’s mostknown televisionchannel,beginsto broadcast.The 1980 Broadcast Act,creates the opportunityfor independent broadcasting.”In 1982 television channels inBritain were scarce, Until Channel4, there were only 3 channels,BBC1 and ITV were themass audience channels withBBC2 providing the only alternative…

“Hobson, D (2008)Prince Charlesand Princess Diana’swedding in1981 was televisedworldwide.Blackadder, a series featuringRowan Atkinson,begins to be televised onBBC1 in 1983.First Comic Relief charityshow in February of 1988.

It became a running year showsince then.11 1012131419901992199619941998200020022001ITV becomes the first television channel in the UK to broadcast for 24 hours, as anight service in 1988.Sky Television, one of Britain’s top television companies, begins to broadcast onmultiple channels and become a satellite provider in 1989.House of Commons televising for the first time, leading to Q&A’s for the later future.

The 1990 Broadcast Act gives the right for independenttelevisions and services such as Sky to flourish, and makeindependent televisions be viewed by audiences.November 1990 – BSB and Sky merge to become thebroadcaster and supplier that we use today.BBC Worldstarted beingtelevised forforeign countriesin April 1991.

Broadcasting Act of 1996 createsthe chance for digital televisionto be broadcasted, which is slowlychanging analogueChannel 5 beginstransmission, makingit one of the big 5channels in March of1997.September 1997 – Princess Diana’sfuneral is viewed by millions afterher car crash in late August.BBC Choice is launchedin 1998 as Digital-onlyservice.

Channel 4launches BigBrother, themost knownReality showoriginatingfrom theNetherlands.Channel 4 launches E4 in 2001. as adigital-only entertainment channelthat broadcasts sit-coms.9/11 is televised live onevery British television,including the BBC.BBC Knowledge isreplaced by BBC4.Mike Tysonvs FrankBruno isthe firstpay-perviewSkybroadcasts.151617182003 20042006 20052007200820122010In October 2002, Freeview, a free television service, islaunched, it includes free channels, such BBC One andTwo, ITV, Channel 4 and 5.February 2003BBC Choice is replaced with BBC Three,the entertainment channel for the BBC,which would broadcast documentaries andreality shows and sit-coms on the occasion.Communicationsact of 2003 givesthe rights tocreate OFCOM,Britain’s mainregulator in themedia industries.Strictly ComeDancing, afamous danceshow, beginson BBC Oneand has beenrunning since.It had BruceForsyth ashost until2014.X-Factor, themost famoussinging showin the world,begins beingbroadcastedand createdby SimonCowell.BBC Two broadcastsJerry Springer, and gets50.000 complaints toOFCOM.After being cancelled in 1989 due to poorschedule and popularity, Doctor Whoreturns in March 2005 with ChristopherEccleston as the ninth Doctor.The analogue to digitalswitchover is announcedin 2005 to finalise inBBC starts 2012.HD broadcastingtoa subscription.December 2007 – BBCiPlayer, the catch-up servicefor the BBC is launched.Freesat islaunchedas free HDservicewithoutsubscription.ITV Player islaunched andAnalogue televisionstarts beingdiscontinuedThree General electiondebates are broadcastedacross 3 channels, one forBBC, ITV, and one forSky for the first time.Downtown Abbey startsbeing televised on ITV1.2011 – OFCOMallows productplacements on programmesfor morerevenue.Netflix launches andbecomes one of the mostviewed services.192021201320142016 201520172018European Union referendum, was broadcastedall around the United Kingdom to decide thefate with the membership of the EU.August 2012 to October 2012 – London hosts the SummerOlympics and is broadcasted in HD, while analogue is fullydiscontinued.Wood Lane studios for BBCgets closed as BBC movesonce again.BT Sports becomethe first programmeto broadcastin 4K HighDefinition quality.BBC Threebecomesan onlineservicewhilst BBCiPlayerdemands aTV licensing.Theresa May announcesGeneralElection for June of2017, with the electionbroadcasted allover the UK.Billions watchthe 2014 WorldCup, which wastelevised onBBC and ITVevery day for theduration in theUK.622232425