2017 connected intelligent network. Personal Assistant-Friendly Features Personal

2017 has indeed been a banner year for digital transformation
and tech expansions. Businesses of various industries are now seeking
innovative ways to support their growth and productivity with mobility management solutions. To create a better “work” process for
employees has been under the current mobility trends that mainly focuses on the
effective ways to manage and empower employee mobility to meet optimal productivity,
security and agility parameters.

One of the most imperative pillars of digital transformation
is the Enterprise Mobility Management. It is not just a company’s mere ‘internal
application’ anymore, rather it is now getting a stronger foothold in the IT
market today.

And what else adds to this humungous expansion?

Enterprise Mobility Management is geared up to share the
stage with the hot shots – Cloud Migration and IoT! These are contributing most
to digital transformation in the year 2018 and all set to shape the future of
the organizations! And not to forget mentioning that by the end of 2017, as per
a Statista survey, the number of mobile users is expected to shoot up to a
whopping 730.7 million!

Are you about to implement an EMM for your business-critical
apps? Here are the next mobility management trends that we may encounter this

Device Security and Manageability

BYOD is becoming a leading trend
amongst top enterprises and this sure does raise many security concerns. Mobile
Device Management (MDM) software for enterprises will form an integral part of the
Mobile Approach which promises to offer optimal security along with seamless integration
with even our legacy systems.  


Cloud computing and Enterprise
Mobile Management (EMM) are a perfect combination. With Cloud service for
mobility, deployment is easier and utmost convenient, along with stronger and
better security thresholds. Furthermore, organizations will be ready to embrace
cloud-based EMM that will support multi-platform apps, rather than just bind
employees to a single platform.

Location-Based EMM

EMM that are location-based
are the most beneficial for service businesses. In this era of Smart Devices
and Mobile-First design, it is crucial to ensure that your EMM can track, trace
and monitor devices from anywhere, along with better servicing in a highly
connected intelligent network.

Personal Assistant-Friendly Features

Personal Virtual Assistants
like Siri and Cortana not only help in finding an information, you can take the
required action too! Therefore, it is a must to ensure that the upcoming
business apps are compatible and reflects such changes as desired. So, we could
also see EMM adopting this trend in near future.

Effective Threat Management

With the onset of
multiple, new mobile apps, organizations must be aware and advised of the
possible vulnerabilities and OS-specific threats. This holds truth for any
organization handling sensitive data using mobile devices. Therefore, in future
mobility management the emphasis will be more on preventing breaches and security
of data, application, device, and network.


Mobile innovation is an important
factor in the world of Enterprise Mobility Management competition. Through a
robust and efficient business app, organizations can develop a competitive edge
and streamline their business processes using mobile, if only they adopt a strong
and secure mobility management of their employees’ devices.