2020 Leadership Essay

Assignment 1 Discussion: Critical Leadership Competencies Needed in 2020 * What are the key leadership competencies that will be needed in leaders by 2020? * What are the most significant leadership trends that require a change in leadership approaches by 2020? * What are some of the external trends (e. g. , increased globalization, increased diversity, and increased use of technology) that will influence the leadership changes? * What will the employee of 2020 look like in terms of expectations, skills, and experience?

The key leadership competency that will be needed in leaders by 2020 is the ability to be an effective communicator. This competency is necessary because technology allows for organizations to be networked and outsourced. Therefore teams will not be in the same office building or even from the same country. The most significant leadership trend that requires a change in leadership approach by 2020 is authenticity and caring. Leaders must be real and leaders must care. Authenticity includes credibility and trust.

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Caring is important because if an employee doesn’t feel that a leader cares about them as a person or individual morale will be low and therefore productivity will decrease. External trends that will influence the leadership change are the use of technology. No longer are face-to-face meetings the norm. Conference calls, video conferencing and email have all transformed meetings. Technology is essential today and will be even more important in 2020. The 2020 employee will have higher expectations, stronger skills and more work experiences. These terms are all required in order for stakeholder expectations to be met in 2020.