In terms of the law

In terms of the law, the President nominates the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General and submits the names to the National Assembly for appointment.

  However the practice is different, considering Mr Paulus Noah own experience.  An independent body (Judiciary Services Commission) was set up to interview candidates and recommend the names of suitable candidates to the President for submission to the National Assembly.  In this regard, conflict of interest does not arise and the appointees are free of conflicts of interest due to personal loyalties, family connections, political party affiliations or other biases. The appointment is for the period of five years which is renewable.During the study period the previous deputy permanent secretary of ACC was promoted to be a permanent secretary of ACC, which make him the first to hold the post. The new amended Act of ACC has permitted the appointment of the new PS. The law was enforced in October 2016. The position intends to provide a wide leadership execution power for ACC to implement effectively.

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Shipena was appointed by the President of Namibia.Chances of being removed on political reasons are very remote.  The procedure involved in the termination of the appointment of the Director-General is very concrete and transparent.  The Director-General or Deputy Director-General cannot be removed from office for mere political reasons. If the question for the termination of the appointment arises, the President must notify the Chief Justice who after consultation with the Judicial Service Commission must appoint a board to inquire into the matter and submit a report and recommendations to the President.

The board must be chaired by the judge of the Supreme Court or the High Court of Namibia. It is not within the prerogative powers of the President to remove the head of the Commission at his or her free will.  By virtue of the established procedure, there is a security of tenure and the appointed official cannot be easily removed from office by the political authority. The current appointed Anti-Corruption Commission is Paulus Noah, he was re-appointed for the second term in November 2015 to serve from 2016 to 2020.