’22’ lots of aspects to think about,

’22’ is a single
taken from Taylor Swift’s fourth album, ‘Red’. The music video was released on
March 12, 2013 ad was directed by Anthony Mandler who has also directed her
music video for her singles ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ which is from her album
‘Red’. In 2014, the video was nominated for World Music Award for World’s Best
Song and World Music Award for World’s Best Video.

The aims of the
production have been met by having a variety of camera shots. I mostly used mid
shots because it shows some part of the subject in more detail, whilst still
showing enough for the audience. I used this shot because it is appropriate and
it is useful when the subject is lip-syncing without too much emotion or
intense concentration. Mid shot also allows room for hand gestures and a bit of
movement. The aims of the production have been met by planning the location of
the music video as well as having props and costumes. Having a location is
beneficial in a music video but there are lots of aspects to think about, such
as: props, weather, location availability, etc. The reason I chose a park as
the location of the music video is because it is not a very popular location
and you have your own personal space. Most locations need a permit but
fortunately the park I shot my music video in doesn’t need a permit. In my
music video, I had props to make it more realistic and the costume is a casual
clothing style because it fits the genre and the main target audiences for my
music video are teenagers or young viewers who might be inspired from the
clothing in the music video.

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The product applies
appropriate code and conventions because the codes and conventions of the music
videos are different techniques used to construct meaning in them. These
techniques can be divided into technical and symbolic. For my music video it
used both technical and symbolic. For technical techniques I used different
types of shots like close up, mid shots, long shots, over the shoulder shot,
wide shot and medium close up. Throughout the whole music video I used non
diegetic because these are the sounds that are added in which suggests that I
have added the music ’22’ on the video and the protagonists in the video is lip
syncing to the song. The music did not go too slow or too fast so therefore it
was easier to edit. This song has a relaxing/ happy mood so therefore the shots
are last longer and change less frequently. For my music video I used straight
cut because this is the most common form of transition. For symbolic techniques
the protagonists used poses at the start of the music video, which is effective
because it shows the audience how is going to be in the music video. The colors
in this music video are very bright and it catches the audience’s attention to
watch the video. This video also has an iconic hand gesture which the making
the ’22’ sign which focuses on the title of the music video ’22’.

Representations of
women in the media have developed and changed with time to reflect the cultural
and sociological changes in society. These positive representations offer a
more realistic and refreshing view, showing women as active rather than
passive. Taking this account, my music video did not necessarily challenge or
reinforce typical stereotypes because my music video was focusing on the simple
but fun life teenagers have and this was a great platform to showcase and tell
the audience about the true friendship. I tried to create a positive
representation of young people in my music video because the main target
audiences for my music video are teenagers and young viewers so therefore I
wanted to present a realistic situation so the audience could engage with the
protagonists in the music video.

A music video should
be entertaining and interesting as well as appealing to the target audience of
the music genre. A demographic is a set of objective characteristics that
describe a group of people. In my case, people who will be willing to listen to
or watch my music video. Those characteristics include things like: age,
gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, location, education and lifestyle. The
most important characteristic in my case is age. In terms of psychographics,
the target audience for my music video is aspirers because they seek status.
They are very materialistic and oriented to image and appearance, persona and
fashion. This type of mainstreamers is typically young people such as

 Developments in technology and the emergence
of the Internet have enabled more artists to reach a wider audience. It is now
widely available at low cost. You can purchase sophisticated music production
software for free or a few pounds on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. The
growth of the Internet has opened up different platforms for artists to
release, promote and indeed sell their music. Artists can produce and release
their music without the support of record label at all. Digital distribution
platforms such as ITunes and Google Play allow artists to sign up and release
their music. The main platform my product will be released is on YouTube
because it has become one of the leading providers for music video discovery
and presents a great opportunity for you.

I believe out music
video has both strengths and weaknesses. Two weaknesses of my music video would
be that I haven’t used all my footage and the camera quality of some scenes.
When one of the protagonists was sitting on the bench, the camera quality did
not look as good as due to the bright lighting. Some of the strengths of my
music video would be that we used a wide range of variety with lighting and the
angle of shots. This video is suited to my target audience as it’s the most
popular genre of people their age. All of the people in this music video are in
the same age group as the target audiences making them seem more relatable. I
also believe the editing was done pretty well as every shot flows with the
tempo of the song, for example where the song may speed up we have shown that
with the use of many shots for a small amount of time. Overall, I am very proud
with my creation of a country pop music video.