23.06.2017 and tools, then had a meeting

23.06.2017 Friday


In the tenth day of my internship, had a meeting with
Mrs. Çalay?r begin of the day. She gave me a to-do list, which contains
priorities of my work.

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Timing at
Packing Department

Timing at
Sandwich Production Department

source and subprocess at Packing Department 1

source and subprocess at Sandwich Production Department

the data into the ERP System.


had a chance to deal with another project, which is Resource Utilization
Project.The main objective of the project, how many people working, and
machines using for production of each product. There is also a special module
for entering the sources on ERP System. There is three graphs about creating a
new module on ERP. See Appendix 2, Figure 3,4,5.


28.06.2017 Wednesday


On Tuesday, the day began with observing
the packing tools and machines at Packing Department 1. At Packing Department 1
bakery products that cakes, cookies, etc. were packing by the employees. The
tools and machines, which use at Packing Department 1, were different from
Packing Department 2. Also, the subprocess for the products was different from
the other department. I took notes about the using of machines and tools, then
had a meeting with Mrs. Çalay?r.


28.06.2017 Wednesday


In the eleventh day of my internship, I
observed the products. The products were different from other department, so it
took time observing the new products.The time taken for each product of the
operation cycle by the operator was measured .The subprocess per product at
packing department 1 was determined. For example; there was a packet of
cookies. The steps;

stamping machine

a product

a packet

a packet

a packet


Then, I communicated with my Internship
Supervisor about the subprocess work and w ediscussed the application of time
study. The list was checked by my Internship Supervisor.

Scheduling of a work and standard costs of
a particular work were determined.