24. have an option here to control

24. Wordpress Tutorial user control


Welcome to our WordPress lesson. In
this Knowledge bit, we
are going to talk about user control and will discuss how you can add new user
and how you can change your profile color.

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So even
though I don’t use the users a lot usually I only have myself as a user maybe a
few other people they do have an option here to control users so if you are
using users on a regular basis you have a site registry you are going to look
into how to control the users so this gives you quick access to see all the
different users and update information of the user, see emails and so on and
there is also a number of really good plugins if you want to export all of your
users and so on.




Add New User


So here if
you want to quickly add a new user you can choose to add new.



You can
check out the profit so my current profile so if I actually want to have a
different color scheme when I log in, I can change that here. And another good
thing wordpress as always immediately see what it’s going to look like you can
enable keyboard shortcut for moderation. If you get to use to your keyboard
shortcuts contact information, biographical information and so on.



So some of
the stuff is actually going to be used within various widgets and plugins, so
if you do have a website, Google+, Twitter Username, Facebook Profile you
should enter that in here within your user information, so that you can access
it if you are sharing your profile and so on. So sometime it can comes in
useful and if you are not actually actively using it on your wordpress site
itself you might also find it useful as a place to reserve certain information
about your account, so here we have got Yoast SEO setting as well so your list
is added in some additional stuff in here.



And also we
can see all the users at it update image of navigation avatars as well and so



roles so we got a bunch of rules already within by default in wordpress and we
can change the rules of any of the users. So if you want to give someone
temporary access or just authorizing access you can do that in this interface
as well

In this
Knowledge bit, we have talked about Users and discussed how you can update your
profile color and how you can add new user.