Happiness is a term that

Happiness is a term that doesn’t have a defied definition, different
people have different perspectives on happiness, some can achieve it with low
standards, some can only achieve it when they reach their high expectations.

Most people in the society equate happiness with money, fun, and living a good
life. If this was the reality of it, then rich people with all their countless
money, luxuries will be perpetually happy. However, despite those rich people
having the ability to indulge in fun activities, they don’t always show
happiness. Luxury and fun are experiences that are just momentary, for instant,
we may feel happy purchasing a new electronic, staying at a luxurious hotel, or
eating at a Michelin restaurant. But all these are just activities that affort
us fleeting moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Real happiness, on the other
side, is a much stronger, deeper, and abiding emotion. 

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