The 21st century has been characterized by considerable changes in the waywe understand and useenergy. The recent Paris Conference has seen a unanimous convergence of thecountries that are committed to reducing the use of fossil fuels. It willundoubtedly have an impact on the strategies that will be implemented in theenergy sector over the next few decades. The Conference reiteratedthe urgency of choices towards decarbonizing energy consumption, in order toreduce the emissions responsible for the Serra effect, judged the primaryemergency of the system world energy.

The information collected in these years indicates that there has been a sharp increase indemand for heat and electric energy and, despitea slow decline and depletion, fossil sources still account for about 80% of thetotal energy production. Therefore, it is necessary to undertakeactions aimed at “decarbonizing” the energy sectors as well electrical,thermal and transport, increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energysources 1So, due to the depletion of fossil resources andincreasingly stringent regulations imposed on environmental pollutionthroughout the world, alternative energy technologies have been studied in therecent decades. One of the most interesting and promising energy technology isthe fuel cell.

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