In order to answer this

In order to answer this question, we are going to learn
about 9/11 and the impact it had on society later on.  9/11 was a sequence of attacks coordinated on United
States. On Tuesday morning, the group of al Qaeda members took over four planes.
Two of the planes crashed into the New York’s world trade centre, one crashed
into the pentagon in Washington DC and the fourth one headed towards the
capitol building, collided into a Pennsylvania field.  The horrendous kamikaze attacks demolished the
symbols of global capitalism and injured the military HQ of the harsh military force.
This killed approximately 2,996 people and injured over 6000 people. It also
caused $10 billion of damage.

The trauma of 9/11 reinforced four trends in the US and in
terms of their response to the terrible incident; some policies were put into
place. Firstly, it was to ensure that in economic and military terms of supremacy
and predominance. Secondly, for a foreign policy, to adopt a central feature of
pre-emption. Thirdly, the seek to defeat terrorism on a global scale and
prevent mass destruction weapons from spreading. Finally, to spread freedom on
a global scale. The main feature of the paradigm shift have followed the
uncertainties of the post-cold war international system and of ending

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In the aftermath of this disaster, there was national
strategy put into place, which was the national security strategy to prevent
violence from occurring in the world where there is already an increase in a
lot of violence and threat with the non-state actors networking globally. In
addition, after 9/11 another legislation that was put into place was the
draconian legislation as well as the patriot act was put into place that
allowed indefinite imprisonment of the suspects involved in the 9/11 attack.
Many of them were moved to the US for rendition and then confined in the
Abagram and Abu Dhabi penitentiaries.  After 9/11, there was also an increase in terrorism.