2a) into him going to a labor

2a) S.W.B.S.T.Winston Smith wants to be in organization that has a main purpose, to be against the Party, after he and his love, Julia, had a love affair. But in the process of rebelling, they are tricked by a man named O’Brien, who says he is part of an organization that is against the Party called “The Brotherhood.” O’Brien is the reason why the Thought Police caught Winston and Julia. So then, the Thought Police took Winston and Julia to the Ministry of Love. Then, Winston is cured by torture to believe what Big Brother and the Party says is true.2b) Major CharactersWinston Smith- Winton Smith is thirty-nine years of age, and is the protagonist of the novel. He commits many crimes in the book which could result into him going to a labor camp for many years, or could also result in death. An example of this is when he had an affair with a girl named Julia, whom of which he is love with. Winston believed no matter what he or anyone else did, the thought police were going to get them one way or another. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, which specializes in news, entertainment, education, and the fine arts. 2 quotes- “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”, “He loved Big Brother”O’Brien- O’Brien is a powerful member of the Inner Party, and has a position in the Ministry of Truth far above Winston. O’Brien tells Winston that he was too, a rebel and that he was on Winston’s side, but this was only to get Winston to fall under his trap, which was turning him into the Party who tortured him.2 quotes- Julia- Julia is the woman who Winston loves. She works in the same department as him, the Ministry of Truth. Julia is the reason why Winston wants to rebel more, by having a secret love affair. Winston depends on Julia the most to understand him, and rebel with him. 2 quotes- “I betrayed you.”, “..a bold-looking girl, of about twenty-seven, with thick hair, a freckled face, and swift, athletic movements.”