3.2 is one of the oldest marketing


Our sales department will develops both on the product and market
strategies. Not only that, they will cooperate together with the management
team, designers and engineers, in developing the integrated and individual
market needs-compatible communications. The following marketing mix includes
not only traditional advertising but also a broad range of approaches,

– Online marketing on social
media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instragram. For example, by adding the
Facebook Shop Section to our Facebook page, this option will make it easier for
our customers or other people who notice our products on Facebook to buy them.
In addition, we will also use twitter buy button, where it will make it easy
for twitter users to buy our products that they notice on the displayed.  

-Email marketing, where we
will set up a collection of automated email advertisement and campaigns
designed to support us make more sales. For example, by emailing new
subscribers and offering them an incentive to shop, or emailing visitors who
abandoned their cart and reminding them to finish their purchase.

– Referral marketing or word
of mouth marketing. Although it is one of the oldest marketing methods, it is
known that this method is all about getting other customers talk about our
product in a way that will drive the awareness and sales. Through this
strategy, we will get new customers when our existing customers promote our
business to their family and friends.

– By running a competition or
contest. Since contests are an easy and affordable way to get our brand in
front of a lot of people, by giving away our product, we can make sure that our
contest gets in front of the right kind of people, for example our potential


– Additional promotional ideas, such
as giving special offers, promoting gifts or freebies. Our special offers will
be a page where we list all the discount codes we have running. Even though the
discount codes can lower our profit, but it can also convince a customer on the
fence that today’s deal is worth buying. Furthermore, having freebies under our
special offers page can also help build up our email list. For example, we will
offer a free phone cable to charge a phone with our wallet which is functioned
as a power bank. This will save our customers’ money when they left their
existing phone cable at home, or they lost it.



            3.3       BUSINESS

business strategy is the means by which we set out to achieve our desired ends,
which are our goals and objectives. It can simply be described as a long-term
business planning. Our business strategy will cover a period of about three to
five years. Our business strategies include:

We plan to expand our product

this product is already has a few multifunctional abilities, we are planning to
expand the product features, so that it could be able to create more abilities,
to satisfy our target customers’ needs aligned with the growing technology. In
addition, we also plan to upgrade our products by adding a few more functions
and installing additional devices.


We plan to improve our
value-added services

plan to maintain our long-standing relationship not only with our suppliers,
but also with our customers by providing more value-added services such as responsive
after-sales services and technical support. For instance, our team may deliver
the technical support by live support software on a website, by e-mail, or a tool
where our customers can log a call.


We intend to continue
our focus on product innovation and development

are committed to producing an innovative product that meets both the
requirements of the varying specifications of our customers and also the market
demand. We plan to continue in focusing on research and development. Not only
that, we also intend to focus on our product development to ensure that our
product meets the changing requirements in this industry.

also plan to expand the range of our products not only on its function, but
also its design. Since the existing design of the wallet is suitable for both
men and women, we intend to create few new designs, specifically for women and
kids as well.


We expect of entering
new industries and expand sales network

Expansion into other
industries – We plan to toughen our market
position by creating and building the relationships with our suppliers within
the accessory and technology industry through joint efforts in participating in
exhibitions, publishing advertisements and
product development

Geographical expansion
– We currently have no network of
international sales to market our products internationally. Because of that, we
intend to penetrate new geographical markets by expanding our presence in other
countries, especially in South East Asia countries, by setting up our shop
close to potential customers within the countries.