3 Inherited Behaviors Essay

Essay on Three inherited Behaviors of E-tailing Communication 470 Michael Zarvos September, 5, 2012 By: Aisha Syed E-commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a part of our everyday lives. The growth of World Wide Web is growing, more and more each day. Businesses practically live on the web. E-commerce growth has provided consumers with many different retail choices making the lives easier for the online community.

Although, this makes things easier for consumers who shop online, most of these companies have chosen to be an online retailer. Knowing this, it has been and will continue to grow a lot faster and competitively which makes it a hostile and stressful environment. Trying to keep new customers or members, attempting to maintain existing one’s have been the challenge for most businesses due to the competition they are facing with the online businesses and consumers.

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To keep up with these consumers and demands the retailers must understand their customers with in mind of their target of choice and their process and attempt towards a purchase, to ensure they are structured and prepared to serve their customers to the highest level. The information that I will present in this essay will highlight and identify three behaviors inherent in e tailing. In this essay I will discuss the communications medium where the discussed behavior occurs.

In this discussion I will explain how each medium enables e-commerce. This essay will explain the analysis of each behavior using the communication process, which will explain the purpose, sender, receiver, message, environment, noise, technology, and feedback. At the end persuasive message focused on virtual audience will be developed and included in this essay. When a customer starts to search for a product or service on the Internet, there are many factors taken into consideration.

In most cases the customer will move towards brand names they trust to start a product search. The reason being is that the customer has already established a bond of trust with a name from a traditional shopping method. Beginning to search for tools to make a purchase, one will begin searching for Craftsman, since it has been very well known and probably had prior history with the product. The behavioral e-tailing customer model can be broken down into three areas; the product, the process, and the partnership.

The intent or the attempt of electronic retailers is to mediate or be the messenger conveying the message at every level to encourage and to assure the buyer’s or the customer decision that will gain trust and loyalty so that the customer will return to the business site, which in turn will provide more revenue and profit. The first behavior that I will discuss in the consumer model is the product or service search. This is initially influenced by independent or uncontrollable variables (DMS Retailer, 2011). Some of the charateristics such as age, gender, culture, and lifestyle.

Some moderating variables are within the control of the vendor. Price, variety of products, and services are the factors that how they can intervene and influence the initial search. The communications medium that is being used by e – tailer are pricing and advertisement by the Internet and different websites. The use of their brand name and promotional Internet banners will also take a customer toward a specific product or service for further research or information and eventually a purchase (DMS Retailer, 2011).

Using the communication model, the sender begins to search the Internet looking for a product. The Internet returns the information with advertisements and pricing, and the feedback is given while directing the sender to the specific area. This medium enables e-commerce by linking prospective consumers to specific websites to find more information about the products and services. Second behavior in the consumer model, is the phase or step of purchase. The purchase is highly influenced by the e-tailer by offering free shipping, convenience of secure online payments and price comparisons.

The e-tailer strategies are widespread in a particular area or are predominant also very powerful in this phase. Some e- tailer’s will offer sample or different paths services for a short period. Others interact and try to get involved with the customers to make recommendations, referrals or suggestions on a specific product (Lindstrom, 2001). Most of the online businesses may offer a live chat person you actually can chat with for services to better accommodate the customers to help the customers feel comfortable, safe with the purchase.

The communication medium used at this phase may differ. The e-tailer can offer the customer a variety of options at this point, which include warranty purchases or express shipping. The communication process is reversed, and the e-tailer provides the customer with the purchasing power and suggestions and many customer service advantages. The noise during the transaction will normally be minimal because the sender wants to ensure the purchasing phase is pleasant and enjoyable. This medium enables e-commerce because a good online purchase experience will ensure a return customer and purchase.

The third final behavioral process involves the “partnership” which most of the people know it as the post purchase phase, this is where a relationship is created and maintained. This is when the e-tailer continues to provide information to the customer in the effort to build a relationship to facilitate and accommodate further purchases and services. Most return visits and return purchases provide revenue and profits for the company. The e-tailer may send the customer a feedback survey. The merchants may offer a discount coupon for use on future purposes to attract the customer.

The intent or purpose is to build customer loyalty. Merchants will also send e-mail promotions on related products. The medium used in this phase can be e-mail and the website. This medium enables e-commerce because the e-mails normally provide links to the e-commerce site for easy access of purchases (DMS Retailer, 2011). For this behavior, the communication model is broken down as; the vendor would transmit or send the message to the customer to review a repeat purchase. The technology is the e-mail with the link to their site.

The noise is minimal, and the feedback will be when the customer opens the link. The behaviors inherent to e-tailing enable the e-commerce world and allow consumers to become more comfortable with using these new shopping mediums. The more options or ways a customer has, it would allow customers to build their relationship with the e-commerce site. Persuasive writing requires writers to persuade others to see and look at the benefit in a suggestion or course of action. For a persuasive message to be effective or to show the sender must have a degree of credibility and trust.

The sender should have an expertise in the area, be trustworthy, and appear excited about the proposal. An effective, persuasive message should contain a few key components (Study Guide and Strageties, 2011). It should attract the attention of the recipient or person receiving the message. It should maintain interest by stating a benefit or filling a known need. It should grab the attention of the recipient. It should maintain steady interest by stating a benefit or filling a known need. It should generate a desire in he recipient by using emotional or logical appeal. The final component is to end with an action statement. I must be clear about what I specifically want the recipient to do. Here is an example of a persuasive message aimed at a virtual audience. “Are you tired of writing checks or being charged an extra $15. 00 when paying a bill over the phone with a debit or credit card? You can save approximately $150 dollars a year if you pay your bills on line from the convenience and easy access of your home or office, by using the free online service “ Auto Pay”.

You will not have to worry about due dates and other fraud issues associated with mailing bills. We can provide safe and secure payment delivery guaranteed. Just follow the link below, and in three easy steps, will be on your way to worry-free bill payment. Sign up today and start saving now! ” This is what you always see in the emails and the advertisement on line. The message mentioned above has included all the necessary components and ways for a persuasive message. This message enabled or allows the e-commerce by providing a link to generate the online bill payment.

This is an example of how e-tailer can generate business through persuasive e-mails using a logical approach. Electronic retailers have implemented and used strategic measures into their websites and other communication mediums to receive and get customer loyalty and locate new customers. This essay discusses and talks about three behaviors inherent in e-tailing were discussed, the communication mediums used when each behavior occurs, and made the connection to how this enables e-commerce (Lindstrom, 2001).

The communication model was used to analyze the behavior and how it fits into the model. I described the components of a persuasive message. I made a persuasive message by using all these components and demonstrated and showed how it would enable e-commerce. I have learned by using the combinations of e-mail and other virtual mediums, e-tailing can become a boundless source for retailers in the future. * Words: 1442 * Pages: 6 * *