3 results. You ignore your small mistakes,

We are running to achieve everything in a very short period of time. We want everything
as soon as we can. When any businessman thinks of startup, he/she dreams of early
success earning lots of money and forms a
big business.  But fast life is a stressful
life. You work very hard to achieve things fast but it comes on the risk of
your health. You start suffering from many diseases related to heart, obesity
and many more. If we are growing fast then we start expecting so much from

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Why should we
rediscover slower growth?

We miss the lesson on the way to victory

We learn lots of things on our way to
success. We miss so many things on our journey. And it may affect your results.
You ignore your small mistakes, and you have no idea how these small mistakes
help you to correct your decisions. We learn from these mistakes.

Slow growth teaches you patience

To do things fast we become so impatience,
we cannot wait for anything. There are some moments when you really have to
wait to get good results, but your impatience can lead to some wrong decisions.

 Slow helps
you to prepare

Imagine you made your presentation at the
end moment and you are not prepared for
it, of course, there will be so many things wrong, your
motivation is down. On the other hand, if you had prepared your presentation 1
day before then, you are confident and all prepared. When you work slowly but
almost perfectly reduce the chances of failure.

It allows you to spend time with loved ones

When you want to finish everything fast and
achieve everything quickly, then we think about it all the day. You are
physically present with your family but your mind is constantly thinks about
the market prices, profit-gain and everything else. It created problems with
family. Doing work slowly allow you to communicate with your family and
friends. You are not distracted, and not missing the most precious thing in the
world, spending happy time with your family.

Fast growth is overrated

We think that leaning fast, achieving
everything fast is good but we miss so much things that the success we got
slowly turns into failure. You are either under confident or over confident when
you get something through fast growth. The person who is doing slowly knows how
to handle the success for long.

It’s important to different between slow
and laziness. Slow growth is not hurrying up with the decisions and doing
things with plan and to achieve long lasting success. But a lazy person won’t
even try, he keeps everything to luck.