Changi Airport
Group is an airport operator which handles the 2 airports in Singapore, known
as Changi Airport and Seletar Airport. The group has served more than 100
airlines flying to some 380 cities in about 90 countries and territories
worldwide. Each week having more than 7,000 flights landing and departing from
Changi through the airport a year. It is the most awarded airport by Skytrax.


This report
reflects of all the tasks which has been given to me from my respective
reporting officers for the 5 months of my internship at Changi Airport Group
Quality Service Management Department. It shows the various roles I play, the
valuable working experience and the responsibilities which I gain from this

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My roles in Changi Airport Group Quality
Service Management, Learning and Development is an intern to support the daily
training programme the department has creating and is currently managing,
besides that my reach extends out to assisting multiple users to utilize the
new initiative online registration portal the team has started and designing
the new learning scheme the department has intiated


This report will
reflect the overall working experience I had as an intern at Changi Airport
Group Quality Service Management Learning and Development through the 5 months
of internship programme.