The cost of preparing the

Fixed costs include:The cost of preparing the place and rehabilitating it for the new industrialization, the cost of specialized equipment in themanufacturing . Human resources costs of workers’ wages and salariesVariable costs:Production costs and continuous processing to obtain certain resources. Shipping costs (transportation and delivery charges).

Product advertising costs may vary by advertising and by companiesThe energy costs used in the production of lighting and electricity.Equipment maintenance costs Human resources costs also include training and training of new workers. Employee developmentnonfinancial benefits Continuous improvement Better identify market potential At the beginning he needs to work on a specific idea and master, and attention to planning, organization and careful study, and awareness of the working environment in which the project will work. After this step he can present the idea to the director of Carpentry and consult him.

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 Provide a description of the quality of the services or products that will be produced after the project is implemented, and indicate expectations about the amount of sales or profits, the features of the services or products, and the pricing method adopted. At this point he can encourage workers and motivate them to work by raising their salaries and increasing their allowances. Save time and effort – a way to gain experience from each other – make use of mutual ideas that will improve productivityThe presence of uniform, and the commitment of all employees, gives a distinctive image of the place, a picture showing discipline, commitment, and order, which increases people’s confidence in this place that offers a particular service or commodity Lack of skills needed by workers, location not suitable for opening a new cell area Lack of adequate support. lack of suppliers and raw materials, objection workers.