3350 Riverwood Parkway SE

                3350 Riverwood Parkway SE                                 Location3350Riverwood Parkway is positioned northwest Atlanta amidst the city’s sought-afterresidential communities and a wide variety of standard hotels can be found inthe area.NearestTrain Stations include: Atlanta TrainStation 1688 Peachtree Street, Hamilton E. Holmes Transit Station, and MartaStation. NearestRoad Link is I75/I285.

  And nearest air port is HartsfieldInternational (Hartsfield–JacksonAtlanta International Airport  alsocalled Atlanta Airport, Hartsfield, or Hartsfield–Jackson, is an internationalairport situated in Atlanta’scentral business district, in Georgia, United State of America. It has been the world’s busiest airport bypassenger traffic ever since 1998, and by number of landings and take-offsfrom 2005 to 2013, losing that position to Chicago–O’Hare in2014, but regaining it a year after. Hartsfield–Jackson held its positionas the world’s busiest airport in the year 2012, both number of flights and inpassengers, by accommodating 100 million passengers (above 260,000 passengersdaily). A lot of the nearly one million flights are local flights from insidethe United States, where the airport serves as a main hub for travel allthrough the southeastern region of the country. The airport has 209 local andinternational gates.  ATLcovers 4,700 acres (1,902 ha) of land and has 5 parallel runways.

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