4.1 “Missed Call Banking” tool, another first in


4.1  Corporate Structure


Sampath Bank PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s premier commercial Banks and is ranked as one of the top private banks in the country in terms of total assets, total equity, customer accounts and loan portfolio.

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4.2  Corporate Culture


Strategy based on innovation and service differentiation, Sampath Bank continues to enjoy a position of leadership in the market. It’s sustainability framework include 3 bottom lines with indicating the major points like people, planet and profit.



4.3  Corporate Resources




Sampath Bank was recognized as the “Best Bank in Sri Lanka 2016” – awarded by the prestigious Business Magazine “Euromoney”. In addition to the awards for the ‘Best Commercial Bank 2016’ and ‘Best Retail Bank 2016′ in Sri Lanka awarded by the UK based World Finance Magazine, for the third consecutive year.



Income The gross income of the Group for 2016 was Rs 70,445,341,000/- (2015: Rs 49,101,837,000/-) while the Bank’s gross income was Rs 67,584,689,000/- (2015: Rs 47,031,516,000/-).


Research and Development


Mainly focusses on bank expansion, drive through the existing network and mainly considering on its core banking operations to increase the market share and profitability.


Operations and Logistics


At the end of year 2016 with having 229 branches and 381 Atm’s, Sampath bank has served and grows the customer base up to 3,659,737.


With having total assets of Rs 657 Billion, Banks market capitalization up to Rs 46 Billion and increasing banks shareholders up to 17,456 helps the bank sustain in the bankers industry and play a lead role.


Human Resource Management


In order to securing the commitment of employees to meet corporate objectives and deliver stakeholder value bank was giving benefits like


Salary, rewards and recognition Human Capital Training and development, Leadership development, Employee engagement, Diversity and inclusion Safety and wellness





·         Sampath Missed Call Banking Facility(National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) – 2016 – Silver Award)

The launch of “Missed Call Banking” tool, another first in the market, added a new dimension to customer convenience where a mere missed call would fetch bank balances of all operative accounts.


·         Sampath Pay Easy

·         Sampath Bank Secure Payment Gateway


·         Sampath Instant Loan Facility’ which allows customers to obtain a loan instantly without ever visiting a branch.


Winner of the Innovative Customer Component category for the Automated Teller Safe (ATS) machine Runner-up award in the Customer Service Innovation category for the ‘Instant Loan Application’ developed in house.




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