4. upping the value of your home

4. ServicesColumbus Garage Door Opener Service offers our community both basic and high end garage doors installations, repairs on any parts, replacements and so much more. Trying to better the community the only way we can one garage door at a time. If you want to purchase a new garage door or need one repaired, call us today.The Services We OfferOur company prides itself of bringing you quality product and an expertise that’s hard to come by in the garage door industry. We strive everyday to give our loyal customers services that other garage door companies won’t offer. With our services we want our customer to have the confidence in their own home or business once we’re done with their garage door.RepairsIf you think that your vehicle could run without a single repair and still be able to run, then I need that vehicle. Just like cars a garage door needs repairs to be able keep functioning. If something breaks on it, the faster you get it fixed the longer your door will last. Any make or model and all parts our technicians are can repair.From drums to track adjustments and even programming your keypad we can fix it. Sometimes repairs may be simple and quick then you’ll have those ones that’ll take all day but as long as we accomplish them, that’s what matters the most. Installations You want a new garage door? Then we’re the company to choose from. Come take a look at our extensive online catalog to pick which make and model door you want. There’s also customizing options to choose from. Many offer your home and yourself different benefits from upping the value of your home if your in the market to sell. Or maybe you’re wanting to save a little bit on those energy bills and in that case a new door will help.Sometimes maybe you’re looking for some curb appeal and just want your neighbors to see your new garage door, there’s nothing wrong with that. But once we come by and remove your old panels and secure every bolt and screw. Your new garage door will be a great addition to your home. So whatever you choose we can install it the safe and correct way.Replacements Sometimes parts aren’t able to be repaired. That’s when the part will need to be replaced. If we don’t have the part in stock we can most definitely order it and have it installed right away. Some parts may be faulty and in that case we’ll come by and have them replaced. Then there’s your panels, panels are not able to be repaired only replaced. So over the years they can take a beating from serious weather conditions or maybe someone backing a car into it. Either way we can get the same ones you had before, but be aware that the colors might look different. Depending on the age of your garage panels will lose their vibrancy and fade so newer ones will look brighter.General Maintenance Once a year is a great time to have some routine maintenance done to your garage. A tech coming by and fastening all the bolts, screws and hinges because over the year when parts are constantly moving they tend to loosen up. InspectionTechnician will perform a 25 point inspection going around and checking every part. This will keep the life of your garage door lasting for years. This service is very important. If they find any part to be unreliable, they will inform you about it then go about figuring the best options to get it handled. Sometimes it’s simple wear and tear that seems to be the problem but then they will find those big parts that could cause serious damage to the garage door.Thinking about needing some garage door servicing? Don’t hesitate to call us professionals here at Columbus Garage Door Opener Service. Offering a wide range of services to tend to your garage door. Wanting your garage door to last can provide many benefits to your home and family. So give us a ring!Our Maintenance ServiceWith how many cycles a garage door performs in a year is amazing. The constant motion of going up and down. All the parts will need to be maintained after the strenuous workload it has. So here is what our maintenance service offers you:Tune-N-Lube service going around and using a white lithium grease to help the parts run smoother which includes tracks, chains and basically any parts that move. Fastening all the bolts and screws since they tend to loosen after constant motion.Sensor alignment so that your door will properly close and open without shutting on someone or somethingAnd checking on your door to make sure it’s properly balanced.It’s essential to try and keep up with the yearly maintenance so your parts will operate longer than most garage doors. With our technicians on the job they’ll have your door functioning better than when you first purchased it.Always Great QualityYou can rest easier at night knowing that the repairs, replacements or even the installations we performed are done with high quality products. The supplies that are provided to us are some of the best you can buy. Made with rust resistant materials and some with reinforced metals to provide protection against damages. We want our customers to have faith and trust in us knowing we provide them dependable parts and they’re garage won’t break after a couple weeks or months after we’re done with it. Businesses Commercial buildings need garage services also. You want to be able to protect your store or office from harm like break ins or bad weather. So if there is a problem with your door we can set up an appointment for early mornings or nights so our repairs won’t disrupt your store. We can also do it during business hours and you’ll take comfort knowing all our techs are very professional. We Have DealsOnce a week there are different promotions that we offer to help out with the pricing on your garage door service. Services like these can be quite pricey and we want to help. So if you’re service is one of the deals that’s happening that’ll definitely save a little bit of money for you. Always ask about what deals and coupons are going on for the week and the upcoming week to see if you qualify for any of them.Give Us A Call Today For Our Garage ServicesWhatever type of garage door service you need, don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and give us a call first. Our services offer premium parts every time and quick repairs. You won’t want your garage door to wait around to see what else may break on it. So contact Columbus Garage Door Opener Service right away. We can have your garage fixed in no time and able to have your car safe inside. We have our team standing by now waiting for your call. So don’t take to long and give us a ring!