CompanyMission Statement-  “Our mission is to provide our consumers withhealthiest and safest energy product whenever and wherever they want, bymanufacturing world standard nutritional supplementary beverage for the mostpromising, outstanding performance which can be on podium always.” The Rationaleof This Statement-As a sports performance-enhancingbeverage, to be competitive with the other existing product we believe that theinput of the ingredients should be 100% healthy with no side effects for theconsumers. It is important to make a safe product so it can sustain in themarket with a good reputation.  Alsoongoing research and developments for this product will be taking place basedon the different sports categories, such as endurance, speed, agility and howwe create a formula that could be more supportive for each element of the bodyand neurological system so that an athlete can stay focused and be consistentduring peak performance. The considering facts for this beverage is mainlyfocused for the ingredients which support body to rebuild the ATP  (Adenosine tri phosphate )& ADP (Adenosinedi phosphate) the two main components which body creates to generate the energyto the muscle cells and repair the muscle cells soon as possible for the nextmotor movements. Helping to strengthen the skeletal system and provideessential nutrition is also our main goal which can be helpful to prevent post arthritisdiseases which is common in most sporting personnel in their latter career. Wetherefore expect to create this beverage as most promising and safest drink, byconsidering these facts mainly so it could help to create our own market andsustainable demand.