Non-microbiological to employ staffs who work accurately.

Non-microbiological aspects include the following.

1.       Quality of the medium: medium with very
high quality has to be used. Water quality used for the preparation of the
culture medium is important. After preparing the medium osmolarity has to check.
Chemical analysis for the concentration of Na2+, k+, ca2+,
glucose etc.., can be determined. Biological examination like survival test for
sperm/ growth of mouse embryos has to be carried out. To rule out embryo toxicity,
Bio controls are strongly recommended if new materials are introduced. Destination
per batch of the medium should be recorded in a log book.

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2.       Access to IVF laboratory: Laboratory
should be accessible only to the staff and it should be locked outside working
hours. Cryo-can with embryos and semen has to be secured with lock. Incubators
should be kept locked when cleaning is done.

3.       Emergency systems: Lab should be with
provision for continuity of the electricity and CO2 supply. Automatic switching
to reserve bottles is also available in some lab settings. All incubators
should be fitted with alarm systems. Level of liquid nitrogen should be checked
periodically by a system of initiating or by electronic monitoring.

4.       Regulations to prevent mix-up of gametes
and embryos: every centre has its own protocol and rules. First thing in
IVF lab maintenance is absolute essential of good labelling in the tubes and
dishes with the name of the male and female partner. Aspirates from different
patients have to be processed one by one. No two procedures for different
patient have to be carried out on the same time. Good communication between the
clinician and the embryologist is necessary for carrying out punctures during
OPU, for ET times etc.., In case of embryo transfer name of the couple has to
be clearly clarified. For frozen embryo transfers double verification is
recommended. Finally it is also important to employ staffs who work accurately.