Scope the service sector. Fast changing food habits,

Scope for employment in the SME sector (services sub-sector) exists in the following areas:

(a) Computer Software:

A whole set of business opportunities are available in training. The lounge for job opportunities in the software automatically created the need for computer teaching. Skills in handling computers as well as writing software provide opportunities for growth in this sector.

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(b) Telecommunications:

The revolution in the telecommunication sector and the National Telecom Policy providing for the entry of private sector has helped this sector to grow in large, small and medium sectors apart from the service sector. Installation of small exchanges in residential, group areas has provided job opportunities to many in the service sector.

(c) Broadcasting/Cable TV Services:

In this field there are two types of employ­ment opportunities. One is to provide services for local areas like FM Radio. There is also an opportunity for whole lot of talented teenagers to join the broadcasting and Cable TV channels as Reporters/Anchors, etc.

(d) Internet Services:

Internet is another significant development which gives opportunity to many small entrepreneurs to provide special types of services.

(e) Employment opportunities in basic needs:

The basic needs of the people like food, clothing and shelter throw up tremendous opportunities in the service sector. Fast changing food habits, need for instant availability, housing on rental, and clothing as per design will soon change these employment oppor­tunities not only as respectable but accepted in society as true means of living.