5 gain so much weight, that you


After Thanksgiving eve and festive seasons eating
lead you to gain so much weight, that you cannot lose it by your normal workout
routine. But adding any new exercise or new plan gets difficult for us because
we don’t know to do it. You also feel lazy if you are doing the same exercises
daily and you feel like introducing yourself to
a new routine. It’s your first day in the
gym and you don’t know what to do with all the equipment,
so here are the suggestions on how to start new workout when you don’t any much
about it-

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 Start with small steps

Don’t just change the whole routine on the very first day. And if you are
new in the gym then just don’t run to every machine do all the exercises. Don’t
run on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It always good to start with small steps
like 15 minutes on treadmill or cycling and then 30 minutes on other equipment. And slowly increase your potential,
start running for 20 minutes on treadmill
and then 30 minutes.  

Choose the exercises before going to

You should know what you want to be like you want to stay fit or to
become a bodybuilder or anything else. Choose
your workout according to it. And if you have no idea what to do, then start
your workout with the trainee.

Buy yourself good gym gears

Comfortable clothes and shoes play the important role in maintaining your
regularity at the gym. Buy comfortable
and right size of gears for yourself. Because if you have got the small or big size of shoes then you will hurt
yourself somehow and will skip the gym. And new things in the closet are always exciting.


Proper nutritious diet is as important as going to the gym; we can even say diet is more important. Spending
hours in the gym and then eating at fast-food
corners nullifies everything.  Your diet
should include lots of proteins, complex carbohydrates,
and healthy fats. Ask your trainee to make a diet plan for you. To get good and
long-lasting results you have to do both
the things simultaneously.

Don’t skip the gym

It is difficult for everyone to take out extra time from your regular
routine and do something new. But if you skip it for few days then you have to
start all over again, so it’s better to be regular. Keep yourself motivated and
just keep in mind why you have joined the gym, what are your goals.

Drink lots of water, eat fruits and green vegetables. Keep in mind that you
are doing this for yourself. Don’t distract yourself and keep yourself motivated.