5 Year plan Essay

5-Year Plan1/2. The degree I am seeking out and interested in is a degree in mechanical engineering. I am interested in this degree because I love mechanics and working with my hands. Mechanical engineers analyze problems, design mechanical devices to help with these problems, develop a prototype of the device and test it, and oversee the manufacturing of the device.

I want to be in this field because of what they do, I want to build and work on machines. I would like to take the mechanical engineering degree and go into the automotive industry and design, build, and work on automobiles, and possibly set up my own auto body and restoration shop.3/4. I currently work with my dad in his refrigeration business and with my grandfather on our family farm.

In both jobs I have learned to work on machinery and on various other things. Working with my father and my grandfather I have learned that mechanical engineering is what I want to go into. I have started to visit and apply to colleges and getting ready for college. I have visited Michigan technical University, MOSE, University of Minnesota, and White Water. I have started to apply to Michigan Tech and MOSE for these are two of the top colleges I want to attend. Michigan Tech is my number one choice to go for mechanical engineering because it is one of the top engineering schools in the United States and it is not very far away in my opinion.

5/6/8. There are no required scores on ACT or SAT tests at Michigan Tech but the average ACT composite score is 26.7, average SAT score is 1783 and the average high school GPA is 3.66 on a 4.00 scale.

Some classes that Michigan Tech looks for a student to already have taken are three to four years of mathematics that would include a college prep mathematics, algebra, geometry, limits, and calculus topics, three of science, including one year of biological sciences and one year of chemistry or physics. Three to four years of English that cover literature, composition, standard language usage, essay/theme writhing, writing a research paper, and a ½ year of speech. Three years of social studies recommended, including US and world history. Two years of foreign language are recommended and one year of computer literacy. The cost of going to Michigan Tech is 41,255 dollars fora year if you are a non-Michigan resident. It does cost a lot to go to Michigan Tech for engineering but it is also one of the top engineering colleges in the county. 9/10. I plan on having the majority of my tuition paid for by my father because of working with him he has promised me that he will take care of it.

I still expect to cut his expenses as much as I can with scholar ships and grants if I can get them. To support my self, while in college, I plan on using money that I have already earned and have put in the bank. I do not know how much I can anticipate owing after graduation; it depends on how much my dad puts into my education and how much I have to take out in as student loans. 11/12/13. If every thing goes according to plan I will graduate in 2018 making my time at college five years, witch is the average time it takes to graduate from Michigan Tech with a mechanical engineering degree. After college I will look for a job in the automotive industry and maybe in a big company like Ford, Chevy, or Chrysler.

The average graduate form Michigan Tech makes 61,1939.52 dollars a year after graduating, I don’t expect to make that much directly after graduating college but hope to come to make that much during my career.