Before Clapton and others. But here we discuss

Before it, we already know, blues, jazz, funk guitarist, Who in recognize the world because of his skill, feel, touch, like; Joe Satriani, Stevie Vai, Eric Clapton and others. 

But here we discuss it even a guitarist who can say “selfish”, “Do not want to play Standard”, Sometimes also miss the genre, But even make people amazed to see it.

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Jack White 

John Anthony Gillis but commonly called “Jack White”. which made him famous for his distorted play tricks with his blues touch. But the famous first was when she was singing her first single band “Seven Nation Army” by White Strips. With the action of the changing stage change the bass effect of Distortion, sometimes while playing key as well and just two personnel with his siste. He entered the 17th best Guitarist Order in David Fricke magazine. 

Dan Auerbach

SongWriter from BlackKeys is also very rarely with his lick style of play. it’s cool he can combine his own style with the same note of his garage. but some people do not want to hear oldest band like BlackKeys.

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