ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATIONProject Formulation CHAPTER  1 OverviewAll around the world today, it can be seen that most of thework done automatically by robots.

When we think about robot, we can see thepicture of the machine that works on computer algorithm automatically. Thereare many companies that run automatically on robots. Robots are used for floorbuilding cars, repairing aircrafts engines, package distributing etc. Moreover,By using robots automation, company can increase their productivity withouthuman efforts. It is beneficial for the company but still there are somedrawbacks of the automation. If there is any defect happen in algorithm,suddenly the production stopped.

Accident rates are high. Moreover theunemployment rate is increase. There are lots of ways to improve the roboticsautomation by doing the research on it.Figure 1 Inhumanautomated factory historical backdrop of mechanical mechanization isportrayed by times of quick change in famous strategies. Either as a reason or,maybe, an impact, such times of progress in mechanization procedures appear tobe firmly attached to world financial aspects.

Utilization of the mechanical robot,which ended up plainly identifiable as an interesting gadget in the 1960s,alongside computer-aided design (CAD) frameworks and computer-aidedmanufacturing (CAM) process, portrays the most recent patterns in thecomputerization of the assembling process. These innovations are driving modernautomation through another change, the extent of which is still unknown. Craig, J. (2004) “Introduction to Robotics: Mechanicsand Control”. 1(1.1), 11.1 HYPOTHESIS·       Robots and automation made people’s life easierthen ever·       The major drawback is, it increase theunemployment rate.

 1.2 RESEARCHOBJECTIVES       The intentionof this research project is to carry out the following questionable pointsabout robotics and automation.·       Robotics and automation threats to environmentand unemolyment.·       Usefulness of robotics.·       pros and cons of robotics. 1.3 RESEARCHQUESTIONS·       What is robotic and automation?·       What are the long term effects of the robotics automation?·       Are robots working more effectively compare tothe humans? 1.5 RESEARCH METHODS