Feminists in the late eighteenth

Thesis: Feminists in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century were included and well-varied with the progressive reform. Women through American history have not have many rights and have been excluded from voting and confliend to their homes and raised and teaching the children. But, as the centuries pass women have become more inclined political getting involved with reforms and movements. The progressive reform was to return control of the government to the people and restore American democracy fight against corruption and bring rights to women. Ida Tarbell a muckraker who wrote the “Mother of Trust” that exposed the Standard Oil Company in on how their oil harmed the public. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920 they could not hold office and many states, some in the west gave then the right to vote and campaign the climax of the 19th amendment in 1919. There was Progressive activism in settlement house movement such us one established by Jane Addams’s a less women in found in other cities (647). These houses were centers for women’s activism and social reform they allowed women to have literary clubs and talk about current events. Progressive women addressed the “separate spheres” they establish that a woman’s place in in the home they work alongside the extension and often discusses the need for better working conditions for the children and safe food products. Women also campaigned for temperance movement that lead to the 18th amendment ¬†with anti liquor campaigners with the formation of organizations of Women’s Christian Temperance Union (646). Women reformers also improved working conditions in factories with the National Consumers league mobilized women demanded laws in protecting women children in the workplace. Progressive received a boost with the Supreme Court landmark case of Muller v. Oregon that regulated the limited hours for women workers. There was an immense strike by women in NEw York after the devastating Triangle Shirtwaist Company had a fire that killed 146 workers to improve the building safety requirements.