Product of 499.99 dollars is a little alteration


The best designers and engineers worked tirelessly so that the buyer could enjoy every moment of using the MraVR. Materials of the best quality would make consumers feel comfortable. The product is made of aluminum, plastic and glass that together represent the best design. It contains the newest technologies of our time, such as Intel Core i5 (6th generation) CPU, and NVidia GTX 965M. Also, the built-in headphones with noise isolation fully immerse the user in the virtual world. The main advantage of this product is that the viewing angle is 180 degrees, which is the viewing angle of the human eye. The product has five different colors: black, white, dark blue, golden and red (the package is of the same color as the MraVR). Furthermore, there is a piece of glass that protects the consumer’s eyes from excessive pressure. Thus, the highest quality of the image is achieved, and the consumer receives a colorful, clear picture in 4K resolution. With these glasses you can forget about the remote control, because there are sensors that read all the information about the movements of your body.  MraVR can be connected to a desktop computer, a laptop and a smartphone. And, most importantly, you can forget about the wires because the connection works over the wireless network.


The product was designed in Canada and assembled in China. The glasses are then shipped to distribution center in Canada, from where they reach various Best Buy stores.


MraVR is a very reasonably priced item. Our company choses to utilize the so-called ‘psychological approach’ in pricing. The value of 499.99 dollars is a little alteration that makes a huge mental effect on buyers, because a client is prepared to get it at exactly 499 dollars. But in fact, a buyer spends a round figure of 500 dollars. The cost difference is not essential when one looks at the enthusiastic attitude of a purchaser.


Best Buy Canada will use Facebook as a platform for effective advertising and creating a positive brand image of MraVR glasses. Also, glasses will be marketed by celebrities from movies and YouTube.